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Zirconium Titanium Placer Continues To Be Popular In The World, Wind Vane Again Rising Prices
Sep 20, 2017

Zirconium titanium placer continues to be popular in the world, wind vane again rising prices

Taking the world famous Lu AI Zr placer production card resources (Iluka Resources) announced in October will again be the product price of $130 a tonne of zirconium placer ($161.89 / tonne) to 1230 U.S. dollars / ton, this is already the second time this year that the company raised the price of its products.

As the world's leading producer of zirconium placer products, the company took the lead in introducing zircon flotation reference price in 2015, so that the price of zirconium deposits in the industry is more transparent and reliable.

The price benchmark varies by product quality, place of origin, mode of transport and other factors.

"In most cases, AI Lu card zirconium price benchmark is based on the sand production quarter or half a year, the annual financial situation to determine, but the price is due to fierce market demand, the company has found it necessary to raise the price of" Lu AI card statement in the announcement.

The new price will apply from October 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018.

AI Lu card affirmed at the same time, due to strong market demand, at this stage is not easy to predict the price after the period of time, need to consider the customer demand and downstream industry trends to determine the price, so as to ensure sustainable production, and can maximize the return of the company's shareholders.

The reference price for 2015 was $1105 / ton, the first half of 2016 was $950 / ton, rising to $1010 / ton in the third quarter and rising to $1100 / ton in May this year.

2017 in the first half of the performance, and in the production increase and the market price of high help, reduce liabilities by nearly 40%.

Over the same period, the output of semi annual zircon, Jin Hongshi and man-made Jin Hongshi rose by 36% tons in the first 16 months of the year compared to 453 thousand tons in the first half of the year.

The average annual sale of zircon products is about 350 thousand tons, the main buyers from China, and the demand for stability, in recent years, European countries, especially Italy and Spain ceramic industry demand is steadily increasing.

Production in the second quarter of 2017 was 221 thousand tonnes, with projects in Australia and the United States contributing 177 thousand tonnes.

With the growing consumption of mining products, Lu AI card in June this year announced plans to restart in December this year, Jess - Ambrosian (Jacinth-Ambrosia) project.

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