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Baoji Titanium Industry Must Work Hard On Transformation And Upgrading, Product Research And Development
Mar 04, 2019

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In recent years, with the development and maturity of titanium deep processing technology, there are more than 100 kinds of titanium household goods developed. The most commonly used are water cups, tea sets, tableware and kitchenware, sports fitness products, etc. These titanium daily necessities are the daily use of titanium circles, gifts to relatives and friends, bridges and ties to drive the cause of take off. Titanium circles have been used for many years, and new users are not. Discontinuous development and growth.

It is generally agreed that titanium and titanium alloys, as a major pillar industry in Baoji, have accumulated abundant technical patents in the production and processing of titanium plates, titanium rods, titanium wires, pipes and other basic materials, providing a large number of titanium products for aviation, shipbuilding, chemical industry, mechanical components, medical and household goods. However, with the development of economy and the increase of investment enterprises, the relationship between supply and demand in the market of traditional materials has changed fundamentally. In the future market development and product positioning, Baoji Titanium Industry must make great efforts in transformation and upgrading, product research and development, turn to deep-processing products and high-end products with technological content, increase the added value and technological content of products, and strive to expand its production. Varieties of active titanium products, aiming at the development and promotion of marketable products. With good products, Baoji Titanium can go out, only attractive.

The characteristics and advantages of titanium products, titanium is used in people's daily necessities, mainly because of its corrosion resistance and light weight. Titanium is the only metal material that can be implanted into human body for a long time and grow with meat for a long time. Titanium is the preferred medical product for biomedical and surgical implantation. Using titanium to process household cups, tableware, kitchenware, fitness equipment and other daily necessities has incomparable advantages over other metals. In people's minds, it is a kind of high-grade precious metal, green health care; on the other hand, the titanium living products on display are exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance and eye-catching. Speaking of the development of Baoji Titanium industry, she is proud that as a Baoji people, she has available Titanium products in the international arena, and Titanium daily necessities have become the first choice gift for Baoji people in diplomatic exchanges.

In the promotion of titanium household goods, it is necessary to actively help titanium enterprises. The Foreign Affairs Office will make full use of the opportunity of participating in foreign affairs activities abroad to publicize and exhibit the excellent new products developed by enterprises. It will also organize titanium enterprises to go abroad independently and publicize extensively, so as to contribute to the development of Baoji titanium industry. There are many government leaders and staff in Baoji who publicize and promote Baoji Titanium products in obscurity. They are all contributors to the development of Baoji Titanium Industry.

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