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Trade War Escalation China Plans To Impose 25% And 10% Tariffs On US Imports Of Titanium Ore And Titanium Dioxide.
Aug 08, 2018

On Friday night, in response to the US announcement of a 10% tariff list on China’s $200 billion exports to the US, it was proposed to increase the tax rate from 10% to 25%. The Ministry of Commerce announced that it will impose tariffs on about 60 billion US dollars of products imported from the United States, and the products will be subject to tariffs at four different rates. Among them, titanium ore imported from the United States will be subject to a 25% tariff; titanium dioxide imported from the United States will be subject to a 10% tariff, and the above-mentioned tariff increase measures will be implemented immediately after the US imposes tariffs.

From the data we have mastered, in 2017, China imported only 400 tons of titanium ore products directly from the United States, and its market impact was negligible; direct imports of titanium dioxide from the United States were 35,000 tons, accounting for the total imports of the year. 16.3%. At the same time, China's imported titanium dioxide is a medium-to-high-end product, and it is directly competing with the chlorinated titanium dioxide which is currently under development in China. If the United States launches a new round of trade wars, China will impose tariffs on US titanium dioxide products, which will lead to a decline in its imports. Therefore, the market space that will be given up will bring opportunities for the emerging chlorinated titanium dioxide enterprises in China.

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