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Vanadium And Titanium Market Overview And Market Influence Factors Next Week
Jul 10, 2018

This week, the demand for titanium concentrate market is still not good, the company's quotation is stable; the titanium dioxide industry's operating rate is not high, the overall market performance is stable; the sponge titanium quotation is moderately affected by the increase in production costs; the vanadium market is rising sharply, high Shipment cashing has increased. As of this Friday, the price of the Panzhihua titanium concentrate delivered in August 2018 is the weighted average price (settled price) of 1422 yuan / ton (including tax), and the weighted average price of the TA1 pure titanium slab on the day of the listing (settlement price) 726 yuan per 10 kg.

      Summary of the spot market of vanadium and titanium series products and some factors affecting the market next week:

      Titanium concentrate

      This week, the domestic titanium concentrate market demand is still not good, but due to the impact of raw ore transportation in the titanium ore industry in Panzhihua, some small and medium-sized enterprises stopped production or reduced production, and the production of titanium ore decreased, leading to 10 titanium concentrate (TiO2 ≥ 46%, under The same) production is reduced, most of the 10 titanium concentrate production enterprises are basically out of stock. In the Panxi area, 20 titanium concentrate TiO2 ≥ 46.5%, the same below) production is basically stable. As of this weekend, the mainstream quotation of 46% grade titanium concentrate (10 ore) in Panzhihua area does not include tax ex-factory acceptance of 1100-1150 yuan / ton, 47% grade titanium concentrate (20 mine) market mainstream quotation does not include tax factory acceptance 1200 -1250 yuan / ton, Yunnan's 45% grade titanium concentrate market mainstream tax-free factory acceptance of 900 yuan / ton.

      Part of the influencing factors of the Panxi titanium concentrate market next week: 1. Due to various factors, the output of 10 titanium concentrate in Panzhihua area will be reduced, and the output of 20 titanium concentrate may be reduced to varying degrees. 2, according to industry sources, some countries imported titanium concentrate outer disk market offer loose. 3. It is reported that some titanium dioxide enterprises that have reduced production in the early stage of Guangxi may resume production in the near future. Guangxi is one of the main sales areas of Panzhihua 10 Titanium concentrate. 4, the industry analysts believe that: the current titanium concentrate market, the supply of titanium concentrates in multiple channels (Panzhihua 10 titanium concentrate due to recent production reduction, short-term supply is slightly tight), imported titanium mine port inventory increase, downstream titanium dioxide Under the factors of low operating rate and other factors, it is good to maintain stable operation. 5. Some titanium dioxide enterprises in the Panzhihua area reduced production, and the demand for local titanium concentrates decreased.

      Titanium slag

      This week, the price of acid slag was stable, and the high slag was affected by the bidding price of CITIC Titanium, which was slightly adjusted. As of this Friday, the mainstream price of acid residue in Yunnan region is 4150-4250 yuan/ton; the mainstream price of acid residue in Sichuan is 4200-4300 yuan/ton; the price of high titanium residue (TiO2≥90%) is 6000- 6,100 yuan / ton.

      Part of the influencing factors next week: 1. According to relevant analysts, the price of graphite electrodes may have a downward trend. 2. There is no obvious price change in terms of titanium ore, electricity price and labor cost. 3. The overall supply and demand of the market is stable.

      Sponge titanium, titanium

      This week, due to rising raw material prices, the price of titanium sponge has been raised. As of this Friday, the mainstream price of grade 0 sponge titanium is 6.0-6.1 million yuan/ton, up 1000 yuan/ton from last week. TA1 titanium ingots (round ingots) include tax price of 6.4-6.5 million yuan / ton, TA1 titanium ingot (EB slab) including tax price of 7.17 million yuan / ton, but the actual transaction price has a certain lower margin. The main raw materials of titanium sponge: magnesium ingot (Mg9990, not pickled, simple packaging) due to the shortage of spot, coupled with the high temperature in summer, most magnesium ingot manufacturers face production cuts, and the recent environmental protection policy is tight, manufacturers are bullish sentiment, the mainstream offer is 16300 -16,400 yuan / ton, up 500 yuan / ton from last week; titanium tetrachloride transaction price is 6500-6700 yuan / ton.

      Part of the factors affecting the titanium market next week: 1. The demand for titanium sponge market has increased. 2. At present, the prices of main raw materials such as titanium tetrachloride and magnesium ingots have increased. 3, most companies are optimistic about the market outlook, the offer is firm.

      The price of sponge titanium next week's price forecast shows that it is up 58%, stable 19%, down 4%, and the other 17%.

      Vanadium pentoxide, vanadium iron, vanadium nitrogen alloy

      This week, the price of vanadium is rising sharply, but with the recent decline in demand for downstream steel mills, the increase in high-end shipments has increased. As of this Friday, vanadium pentoxide (98 vanadium) mainstream tax-included price of 26.0-27.0 million yuan / ton, 50 vanadium iron mainstream tax including 27.0-28.0 million yuan / ton, vanadium nitrogen alloy (VN16) mainstream including tax The price is 41.0-43.0 million yuan / ton. This week, some steel mills purchase tenders: Yuxi Xinxing Iron and Steel vanadium and nitrogen alloy bidding price of 398,800 yuan / ton (into the factory including tax cash); Anhui Yangtze River iron and steel vanadium and nitrogen alloy tender price of 385,000 yuan / ton (into the factory including tax acceptance) ; Hebei Jingye Group vanadium nitrogen alloy bidding price of 410,000 yuan / ton (into the factory including tax cash); Jiugang Group Yangang Vanadium and nitrogen alloy tender price of 410,000 yuan / ton (including tax acceptance).

      Part of the influencing factors of the vanadium market next week: 1. This week's Panzhihua Iron and Steel release week guidance price: ferro-vanadium (FeV50) 235,000 yuan / ton, up from the previous week's offer 10,000 yuan / ton; vanadium nitrogen alloy (VN16) 355,000 Yuan/ton, up from the previous week's offer only a small increase of 5,000 yuan / ton. 2, vanadium, the market supply is still in short supply. 3. Internationally, on Wednesday (July 4th), the price of European ferro-vanadium (V70-80) was raised sharply to 76.5 (up 3)-80 (up 4.4) USD/kg, while Europe 98% bismuth pentoxide was temporarily Stable at 17-17.5 US dollars / lb; US ferro-vanadium (V70-80) price temporarily stable at 36-37.3 US dollars / lb. 4. Rebar prices: This week's weak shocks dominated. As of Thursday, the average price of rebar 20mm HRB400E in 24 major markets nationwide was 4098 yuan/ton. 5, rebar inventory: According to the statistics of the Nishimoto Shinkansen, as of July 6, rebar stocks of 4,675,700 tons.

     Vanadium pentoxide (Vanadium Vanadium) price forecast for next week shows: up 73%, steady 12%, down 4%, not knowing 12%.

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