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The Navigation Industry Of Liangjiang New Area Realized The Only Development Of Five National Aeronautical Titanium Alloys And Commercial Rocket Projects
Jan 03, 2018

The navigation industry of Liangjiang New Area realized the only development of five national aeronautical titanium alloys and commercial rocket projects

Before 2012, according to reports, the Chongqing shipping industry is almost zero, in 2012 set up two rivers area two rivers Air Investment Group, the development of the shipping industry, after 5 years to build, the district has introduced Pilatus, Ernst dragon machine manufacturing enterprises, Civil Aviation College, Institute of Aeronautics China Liangjiang aviation school system, and shipping operations, finance, aviation aviation aviation culture, information industry chain. At present, Liangjiang New Area has initially built the development pattern of the whole industry chain, namely, the manufacturing industry, the manufacturing and operation + service industry, the transport aviation industry power, the whole industry chain, the new composite metal material "R & D + manufacturing + supply chain". Nearly 20 projects have been introduced, and the investment exceeds 30 billion yuan.

The two airlines investment group responsible person, Liangjiang New Area shipping industry in the country to achieve only five, namely: the only navigable NDRC designated the whole industry chain pilot park; only 3 brands have navigation models 6 and 1 in the research model of the park; the only network operator flight service system was the only park; set up the navigation professional leasing company Park; only park covering navigation training and in service as private airline pilot training and refresher training.

In support of relevant management departments, Longxing general airport has become the first southwest to obtain general airport operating licence. Chongqing Longxing flight service station (flight service system) become the first national civil aviation authority authorized, with general aviation flight plan reporting, the local meteorological data access, data forwarding and related departments of the interactive flight service station, and start the test run formally in November 8th this year.

It is understood that the flight service station is one of the important means to guarantee the general aviation flight, for general aviation flight plan to provide timely service, meteorological service, information service and alarm service, flight support, emergency rescue and other related support of air traffic services. With the implementation of the reform of low altitude airspace management in China, 10 flight service stations have been built and built in China.

It is worth mentioning that, under the premise of the national industrial layout, the two rivers New Area has begun to expand the space industry. At present, a number of advanced aerospace manufacturing projects such as aviation heavy duty parts, aviation titanium alloys, commercial rockets, engine blades, aviation interiors and so on have been successfully introduced. The titanium alloy developed by Chongqing Jin Shili Titanium Industry Co. Ltd invested 2 billion 400 million yuan to build the manufacturing base, after the output value of about 3 billion yuan, the main development and production of aerospace and gas turbines with titanium alloy materials, forging and other metal materials, to protect China's high-end aerospace and gas turbines with titanium alloy supply in order to aircraft engines, aircraft structure and bearing structure for aerospace materials, titanium alloy, high temperature and low temperature gas turbine with the field of titanium alloy reached the world level. The project started in September this year. The investment of plant and equipment is over 300 million yuan, it is expected to be completed in May next year, and it will be put into production in June.

Commercial space rocket development base zero one project, plans to start construction in January 2018, the plan of solid rocket motor, the engine of its own attitude and orbit control at the end of 2017, the ground test, the first half of 2018 is expected to verify the test completed in the second half of the first civilian rocket flight, mass production in 2019.

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