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You Know Titanium, Titanium Alloy, Pure Titanium? It's Important To Distinguish Concepts!
Jul 03, 2018

To know that titanium does not equal titanium alloy does not equal pure titanium, it is important to distinguish the concept!

[about titanium gold]

There is no professional and accurate definition of titanium. Some people refer to metal titanium and titanium alloy as titanium gold for short, but this concept is not accurate. There is a sodium nitride crystal, especially the vacuum coating of titanium nitride (also known as PVD process) with golden metallic luster, more often than not, titanium specifically refers to the coating of titanium nitride. Most enterprises to marketing need to deliberately confused in the name of titanium titanium or titanium alloy and titanium nitride concepts, but titanium and the titanium nitride is two concepts completely, like used as a whitening agent titanium dioxide, not of metal.

titanium plate40.jpg

[about titanium alloy]

Titanium alloy refers to the alloy material composed of other reinforced elements, such as aluminum, nickel, chromium, copper, etc. added on the basis of titanium, in order to obtain higher strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. At present, titanium alloy is the most widely used titanium metal material, which has been widely used in aviation materials, petroleum exploitation, food sports, medical field and so on.

titanium plate49.jpg

[about pure titanium]

Because the processing performance of pure titanium is better than that of alloy, some products with high requirements for material forming performance are mainly pure titanium, such as pot, bowl, cup, pot, etc.

titanium plate31.jpg

So say, titanium gold, titanium alloy and pure titanium concept are different, their respective applicable scope is not the same, cannot generalize, distinguish concept very important! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and answer.

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