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Why The Titanium Alloy(such As Titanium Glass Frame)are More Expensive Than The Raw Materials
Feb 07, 2018


  1. Titanium sponge will be the available titanium ingots when re-melted in the electric furnance. It is very active at high temperature and difficult to process.

  2. Pure titanium is very soft and is not suitable for the usage of the titanium products directly. generally, some other elements need be added to improve the metal performance.

  3. Titanium is hard to machine. it's not really hard, but it's "sticky".If you use the file to deal with the titanium-64 handle, the file lines will be soon filled with the scraps.It is said that the the titanium is too hard to file because of the low speed. it is easy to oxidize because of the high speed.The ordinary machining center cannot process titanium alloy at all.

  4. Titanium is more difficult to make glass. as we all know that the titanium frame of glass is thin and also require a lot of finishing processing, it is surely a challenge for this materials.In addition, titanium alloy frame of glass also involve the welding technology,which increased difficulties.

    How difficult is the titanium alloy processing technology? To put it this way,people  who design planes all over the world, as long as they can adopt aluminum alloy through structural optimization, they will never use the the titanium alloy.titanium glass frame.jpg

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