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Why Are Small Bolts Nearly 100% Imported From China's High-end Equipment?
Nov 13, 2017

Why are small bolts nearly 100% imported from China's high-end equipment?

Before August this year, China's machinery industry achieved profits of 1 trillion and 140 billion, a surplus of $102 billion 100 million, handed over a beautiful data. However, China Machinery Industry Federation special adviser Cai Weici pointed out that around the widespread low-end high-end large number of exports, have to import a lot of the phenomenon, in the machinery industry from large to strong in the process of innovation ability is weak and not strong foundation is still the main restricting factors.

Academician Tan Jianrong also added that at present, China still has a high deficit in metal processing machine tools, instrumentation, automobiles and other aspects, the high-end supply is insufficient, the contradiction is outstanding. With the increasing demand for extreme conditions such as high precision, deep drawing and ultra low speed in our country, the independent design and development of China's forging machine is faced with many difficulties.

According to reports, in August of this year, China's machinery industry to achieve profits of 1 trillion and 140 billion, an increase of 14.12% over the same period last year; in terms of import and export, the machinery industry in 2016 exports of 272 billion 700 million US dollars, imports of $374 billion 800 million, deficit of $102 billion 100 million. The data seemed beautiful, but Cai Weici, an old mechanic, was not happy.

"Bolts are fasteners for connecting parts.". But small bolts, in our country high-end equipment requires almost 100% imports. Why?" At the seminar on Intelligent Manufacturing Development held in October 28th, Tan Jianrong and Cai Weici, the chief scientists of the national 973 project and the academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, answered this question from different angles.

In October 28th, the intelligent manufacturing development seminar held in Ji'nan, Cai Weici told reporters: "low voltage electrical appliances, fasteners, bearings large amount of wide range of basic components and components, although a large number of exports, but the high-end products must be imported. Almost every small industry has a large number of low-end exports, high-end have to import a lot of reality." He believes that in the "2025 Chinese manufacturing" deployment of the five projects, all exist driving difficult phenomenon of intelligent manufacturing, cold heat, strong industrial base and innovation, in the machinery industry from large to strong in the process of innovation ability is weak and not strong foundation is still the main restricting factors.

Tan Jianrong, chief scientist of the national 973 project China Academy of engineering, from another perspective, pay attention to this problem, high precision, large size and other key parts of the precision machining to high-end forging machine, which is also the basis of major engineering projects, but with high accuracy, our deep stretching, super low speed and other extreme conditions demand the increase in China, forging machine independent design and development facing difficulties."

He lists a group of data: in 2016, China's metal processing machine tool foreign trade deficit $4 billion 500 million, instrument deficit $12 billion 600 million, automobile deficit up to 33 billion 800 million U.S. dollars, high-end supply shortage, contradiction prominent. He took the high-speed machine as an example, in Japan, this widely used in small precision parts stamping equipment, in the 8mm stroke 100KN pressure, the slider speed can reach 4000 times per minute, and the highest speed of our products only 1200 times per minute. More macro facts are that the digital control rate of forging machines in Europe and America can reach 80%, while that of our country is less than 30%.

Cai Weici believes that "made in China 2025" requirements of high quality manufacturing not only depends on management, but also depends on the high level of basic manufacturing capacity support. Without the support of high level basic components, basic materials, basic technology and basic machinery, we can not change the image of Chinese made "inferior goods"." He said.

However, it is gratifying that some key enterprises keep pace with the times and continue to solve these problems. Both Tan Jianrong and Cai Weici mention a state-owned enterprise -- Ji'nan two machine tool group. In 50s the first Longmen more than a century Chinese planer, the first mechanical press began, "Ji two" has developed more than 450 kinds of Chinese first Taiwan (sets), assumed the 11 major national science and technology projects, large die by the domestic market share of 80%, to become one of the world's three big data stamping equipment manufacturers.

"Ji'nan two machine tool" is a banner of the machine tool industry in our country, and also a rare evergreen tree in the machine tool industry. They rely on independent innovation, service-oriented manufacturing and open development to show how a traditional machine tool backbone enterprise has changed from big to strong, and become the industry leader." Cai Weici said, this is a case worthy of reference. (Science and technology daily)

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