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Which Case Is Better, Stainless Or Titanium?
Jul 11, 2018

High, good mechanical properties is another excellent feature of titanium alloy.

Titanium alloy can be divided into: corrosion-resistant titanium alloy, structural titanium alloy, heat-resistant titanium alloy gold, low-temperature titanium alloy according to the application.

The difference between titanium and stainless steel

1. Can be distinguished from the color. Titanium is a bit dark, revealing a cool color, and it feels cool. Titanium is darker than steel. Steel is white, pale. The two colors are quite visible.

2. It can also be distinguished by chemical means, that is, it is soaked in nitric acid. Titanium does not react, and a strong reaction occurs when the stainless steel is placed down. The distinction between pure titanium and titanium alloys is difficult to see from the outside.

3. Titanium can be marked with grayish black on the tile, but stainless steel can not be marked.

4. Titanium corrosion resistance: Titanium alloy profile below 550 °C is easy to form a dense oxide film, so it is not easily further oxidized, and has high oxygen, seawater, steam and some acid, alkali and soft media. Anti-loss.

5. Titanium heat strength is good: titanium alloy has a melting point of 1660 ° C, which is higher than iron, has higher heat strength, can be below 550 ° C, and at the same time, it shows good toughness at low temperature.

6. Titanium processing is difficult: welding, plating, and cold drawing are very difficult. Welding and plating must be carried out under vacuum or under an inert gas (vacuum ion plating)

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