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What Factors Determine The Price Of Titanium
Mar 07, 2017

It is hard to predict the price of titanium, but in general the price of titanium and titanium rods is relatively high. Today, we want to discuss the subject is the factors affecting the price of titanium materials, so that we can be targeted to adjust.

One is affecting the quality of titanium buyers proposed to price, quality here refers to the titanium alloy surface, because the processing process using the different situation is not the same, so the costs will be different. Thus will affect the price, usually the more detailed surface treatment price is more expensive.

Titanium profiles within the market is a kind of steel billet and round steel is selected, and for the production of raw materials, is widely used in the industry. To say that its production methods, mainly in cold and hot rolling, there is also a difference in performance between the different processes of the product, so we still have to make way to choose according to their own needs.

On the other hand is the material and thickness of titanium, titanium alloy products will be relatively expensive, because its performance is usually relatively good. The thickness of titanium products need more raw materials, the cost will increase, the price naturally higher. In addition, color, color can be hard section price reasons, we also wonder why not the same color will the price is not the same, because it reflects the quality is different.

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