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Vaccum Technology
Nov 08, 2016

Vacuum technology and application, vacuum technology and material application, material science and application;

Coating material range:

Sputtering target, evaporation materials, tungsten (Deng Si) anti fingerprint, anti fog materials, research and development, production, sales integration, import and export;

Company product research area;

Environmental protection glass coating (LWO-E) target antioxidant decorative film target, hard film alloy target, antifogging, anti fingerprint, high purity purification materials, main research and development direction of functional materials.

Production equipment:

VPS vacuum melting, APS ion spraying, hot extrusion tube forming, composite pipe extrusion, vacuum melting, mechanical processing.

Binding service:

The target board (binding oxygen free copper, titanium, stainless steel, aluminum material as the liner).

Corporate client group:

Tongda Group, BYD group, Hanvon, Coxon group and other large groups of customers;

Product export world:

The United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, France, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Burma, Iran, Singapore and other more than and 40 countries and regions.

Sputtering target applications:

1, display series: liquid crystal display, plasma display, thin film transistor display, flat panel display

Charge coupled display, cathode ray tube, fluorescent equipment, electro luminescence, etc..

2, memory parts series: CD, disk, microelectronics flash memory, read and write first.

3, the energy industry series: antireflection film, infrared filter, amplifier, solar panels

4, glass industry series: low radiation glass, heating glass, LOW-E glass, furniture coffee table glass, kitchen utensils glass, automobile rear view mirror, etc..

5, optical filter, optical fiber industry series: color coating, laser lens, spectrum equipment, communication cable, lamp bulb, anti reflection and anti glare coating etc..

6, communications industry: traffic signal signs, surface acoustic equipment, outdoor display and hair, light signs, etc..

7, the electronics industry: a variety of sensors, microelectronic components, passive film components such as printed circuit boards, etc..

8, the locomotive industry: car headlights and tail lights, decorative parts, transmission parts, automobile exhaust pipe and piston ring.

9, the surface decoration industry: Appliance decoration, special decorative color film, diamond jewelry, PET packaging materials, PMMA, PC and so on.

10, microelectronics industry: flip chip backing metal, gate circuit medium, layer insulation media, chip manufacturing, etc..

11, the medical industry: vascular deformation, biological anti rejection film, radioactive capsule.

12, aerospace and military fields: intelligent head mounted display, jet engine turbine blade, optical or X-ray telescope, mirror

Night vision device, etc..

13, security facilities: credit card holographic security signs, infrared equipment, a single line of security windows, anti radiation screen, etc..

14, wear-resistant coating: mold, print head, needle, tool hardening coating, gas turbine blade, turbine bearing, anti-corrosion coating

15, soft winding coating: PCB circuit board, copper foil, PET, PP, OPP, film, automobile and other industries such as resin.

With the company's business continues to expand, the customer will cover:

Solar cell coating industry, hard or function, nano coating film, resistance capacitance coating,

Soft (PET, copper foil circuit board PCB circuit board plating industry, stainless steel foil and non-woven materials) winding coating field.

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