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Use The Target In Vacuum Plating Process
Nov 10, 2016

New type of sputtering equipment almost all use powerful magnets will spiral into motion to accelerate electron ionization of argon around the target, increase the impact probability of target with argon ions,

Increase the sputtering rate. Most of the metal coating is deposited by DC sputtering, while the non conductive ceramic material is used for RF AC sputtering. The basic principle is to use the glow discharge in vacuum.

(glow discharge) (Ar) argon ion bombardment target (target) surface electric cation plasma will accelerate toward the surface by sputtering as the negative electrode material, the impact will be

The target material flew out and deposited on the substrate to form a thin film.

Generally speaking, there are several characteristics of the thin film coating by sputtering process:

(1) metal, alloy or insulating materials can be made into thin film materials.

(2) the conditions set appropriate can target complex to produce thin films with the same composition.

(3) by adding the active oxygen or other gas discharge in the atmosphere, or a mixture of compounds can make the target material and gas molecules.

(4) the target input current and sputtering time can be controlled, easy to get the film thickness with high precision.

(5) compared with other manufacturing processes, the production of uniform films with large area is more favorable.

(6) a few sputtered particles are not affected by gravity, the target and the substrate position can be freely arranged.

(7) the adhesion strength between the substrate and the film is 10 times higher than that of the general vapor deposition coating, and due to the high energy of the sputtered particles, the surface of the film will continue to be hard and dense.

Thin film, and at the same time, the high energy can be obtained as long as the lower temperature of the substrate can be obtained.

(8) thin film forming the initial nucleation density is high, but very thin continuous film production of the following 10nm.

(9) the target of long life, long time continuous production automation.

(10) target material can be made into various shapes, with special designed machine to do better control and the most efficient.

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