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Tungsten International Competition Is Fierce
Nov 06, 2017

                                  Tungsten international competition is fierce

The current international tungsten market competition pressure is more and more big, partly because developing countries such as Vietnam in learning China industrial development path, mining and low cost of China's tungsten market impact, partly because of rising prices of tungsten concentrate that year also saw the profit of developed countries, it is the intention to promote mining, mine national project. Here is a brief introduction to the major upcoming mining and mining mines in the international tungsten market:

Located in Nevada puhler mount (Pilot Mountain) a large tungsten mine will soon be full exploitation. The mine belongs to the Australian Raytheon mineral company, the mine has four mineral deposits, the proven reserves of tungsten ore is 17 million 500 thousand tons, grade 0.28%, associated with lithium, copper and silver, the main minerals are tungsten and lithium. It is reported that the preparatory work has been basically completed, has completed two years ago in the deposit survey, 5-10 is a low cost open pit mining, will be expected to have at least 15 years of underground mining. About 1000 tons of tungsten concentrate can be produced every year after being put into production, accounting for 1% of the world tungsten market. The company analyzed the cost of tungsten ore and estimated that the cost of tungsten concentrate per kilogram will be about 8 U. S. dollars.

The Mollo Hill tungsten mine, located in northern Australia, is also part of the Raytheon Co. The project is currently in the financing stage, if successful will be launched within a year after the commissioning of tungsten concentrate costs estimated at between 10 per kg to $11, compared to the increase in the cost of Nevada mine is mainly remote area power supply and labor cost.

Russia is also planning to increase tungsten mining, and it is expected that there are still a lot of submerged ore belts in the Far East, which is a strong competitor for China in the future.

Almonty Industries, a company in Spain, plans a new project, Valtriexal tungsten mine. The company says Valtriexal plans to produce an annual output of 1800 tons of tungsten concentrate, CEO said. The company now has four tungsten concentrate project, after the on-line, the annual output is expected to reach 8000 tons of tungsten concentrate.

Irish mineral company Ormonde Mining is currently developing investment in Spain in the west of Salamanca province Balu Eko Pardo (Barruecopardo) of the tungsten tungsten, is expected to be officially launched in 2018, annual 260 thousand tons of -36 million tons of ore.

British Special Metals Corp Wolf Minerals mainly produces tungsten and tin project for Hemerdon mine. It is located in the southwest of Devon County, Devon County, Plymouth, and is regarded as one of the low cost and highly economic potential tungsten mines". It is reported that the mine can be inferred resources for mining ore 4 million 14 thousand tons, tungsten trioxide grade WO3 was 0.13% Hemerdon in 2016 with an annual output of 700 tons of tungsten ore and tungsten concentrate, with the market pick up, that a sharp increase in its 2017 annual output of -2018.

All tungsten mines in Vietnam are from the Nuiphao mine in Mashan group. The ore reserves are estimated to be 66 million tons and the ore grade is 0.21%. The deposit has a wide range of low stripping rate, and the estimated mining period is 20 years. At present, the annual output of tungsten concentrate is 6000 tons, more than that of Canada and Russia, ranking second in the world, and increasing by 10% annually. Vietnam, the lowest cost of labor, is the biggest competitor in china.

Rwanda in Africa is the main export tungsten mine area, there are three countries in the west, tungsten ore belt, Eastern have tungsten mineralization and, mainly for large quartz vein type tungsten ore veins, Nia C Baangle (Nyakabingo) is the largest tungsten tungsten Rwanda in Africa is also the largest known tungsten mine, more than half of the tungsten mineral from here this country. The tungsten mine annual capacity from 2003 year 69 tons of a road increased to 2007 years of the peak of 1534 tons, after 2011 years of steady decline between 700-800 tons, 2016 years, Rwanda tungsten production 770 tons, is the world's seventh largest exporter of tungsten, tungsten export country is Africa, Rwanda, the only domestic a smelting plant, due to lack of processing capacity, so most of the export of mineral ores, the main mining equipment from China, China is the largest importer, so the future of this area mainly production largely depends on the Chinese tungsten market situation.

In summary, perplexing international tungsten market situation has been removed, mining, and mining project progress depends on whether the tungsten market pick up, whether the enterprise is profitable, China's current strong competitors is Vietnam, after all the artificial mining cost is low, but they also go Chinese in mining process the road for environmental protection not paid much attention, and over exploitation, the future is likely to be the biggest competitor in Russia, after all, the Far East plate tungsten ore reserves, in order to get rid of dependence on Chinese market, it is likely to start for the development of new resources. Europe and the United States is dependent on Chinese tungsten concentrate may become less, on the one hand, the waste tungsten recovery technology is developed, on the one hand, if the China tungsten products prices, it is possible to stimulate the exploitation of their own country and most large amount of tungsten concentrate some downstream tungsten application companies already have raw materials the supplier is fixed and stable, is not easy to open up new market. And the future development of our country is to follow the market development "Nineteen Belt and Road Initiative", suggesting the future "The Belt and Road" countries along the larger development space.

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