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Titanium Zirconium And Hafnium Zirconium And Hafnium Titanium Industry Conference And The Sixth Branch Of The Members (general Meeting)
Jun 08, 2016

For the study of Chinese titanium zirconium and hafnium industry development direction, promote China titanium zirconium and hafnium industry upgrading and transformation, especially in the new normal China economic development, how to grasp the "The Belt and Road" construction opportunities, vigorously promote the use of metal titanium, zirconium and hafnium, zirconium and hafnium to Chinese titanium industry bigger and stronger, in December 24~25 Japan, sponsored by the Chinese Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Branch of titanium zirconium and hafnium titanium zirconium and hafnium industry market in 2015 and application promotion conference and Chinese Nonferrous Metals Industry Association of CTA, sixth members (general) conference held in Beijing.

Counselor of the State Council, President of Chinese Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Chen Quanxun attended the opening ceremony and speech. Gan Yong, former vice president, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Cao Chunxiao an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association vice president Wang Qinhua, BaoTi Group Co., Ltd., chairman of the board of directors, general manager, titanium, zirconium and hafnium department, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association President Zou armed, attended the opening ceremony. China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Deputy Secretary General of CTA, chairman Lu Fusheng presided over the opening ceremony.

Chen Quanxun pointed out in his speech, titanium zirconium and hafnium industry is an important member of the big family of the nonferrous metal industry. Titanium, zirconium and hafnium department since the establishment of especially in recent years, always adhere to the service tenet, give full play to the bridge, assistant to the chief of staff and industry spokesman role, won the affirmation of the industry enterprises and dependence. Ti, Zr, and Hf Industry and the nonferrous metals industry situation roughly the same overall entered the "high capacity, low demand, strict environmental protection, small profit period of hardship, but with other metals are different, despite the many challenges, but industry development prospects is bright, Chaoyang industry position has not changed. First of all, from the demand side, titanium zirconium and hafnium are new materials of broad application prospects, the future will have a new breakthrough. Secondly, from the supply side, as long as the focus on "ban, withdrawal, reduction, and" and "deep", do a good job of structural reform, Ti, Zr, and HF industry can at a new historical starting point achieve a higher level of development.

Chen Quanxun gives some hope for the new session of the CTA, the council. First, the succession of excellent traditional, closely unite the broad masses of the members, around the "45" development plan, work around the direction of the reform of supply side and demand side. Second, I hope the new Council and constantly improve the level of service, and effectively solve problems for enterprises. Third, in-depth research, positive suggestions, and create a better environment for the development of the industry. Fourth, strengthen the construction of information platform, expand the communication channels, expand the application space.

Zou Wuzhuang in the work report summarizes the titanium, zirconium and hafnium department, the fifth session of the Council's work and puts forward relevant suggestions on the sixth session of the Council. He said that the Sixth Council to continue to improve the institutional mechanisms of the branch, the implementation of innovation driven, enhance service capabilities and level, build and improve the four aspects of the industry credit system to work. Dry Yong, Cao Chunxiao, China Academy of Engineering academician Wang Huaming, respectively, to "a new generation of titanium metal application development strategy", the aviation titanium alloy near future development "," high performance difficult processed metal component laser additive manufacturing: technical challenges and several material science subject "as the theme of the reported; Wang Qinhua analysis the trend of import and export situation and policy of China's non-ferrous metals.

The meeting elected the titanium, zirconium and hafnium department, the sixth session of the Council, the election Zou Wuzhuang as president of the, CSIC 725 the king Qihong such as the 21st human vice chairman, Jia Hong, titanium, zirconium and hafnium department, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Secretary long.

In the field of new materials at present, titanium is known as has the strategic significance of "space metal", "marine metal" and the "third metal", is an important basis for the development of aerospace, new energy, energy saving and environmental protection, advanced equipment manufacturing and other emerging industries of strategic materials. Our country in 45 plan, has the development of titanium material as a future national strategic emerging industries of key support object, policy support for titanium industry provides opportunities for development. The meeting a total of from at home and abroad for nearly 20 well-known experts, academics and business representatives around the titanium zirconium and hafnium metal in marine, petroleum, electric power, aerospace, medical, chemical, shipbuilding, nuclear power and other application report, in-depth study of the hot issue in the industry, technical innovation and Application.

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