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Titanium: Titanium Into The Heart, Titanium Flying
Sep 11, 2017

                     Titanium: titanium into the heart, titanium flying

In twentieth Century, when it came to titanium, a lot of people felt strange, when titanium was called a rare metal. Once established China rare earth group members have BaoTi group, Zunyi titanium industry figure. It is a rarity of the reasons, from the Ministry of metallurgy, Chinese Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation, State Bureau of nonferrous metal industry, has been to the institutional reform process of China rare earth group, titanium is always the non-ferrous metal industry of small metal less attractive, the annual production capacity of less than 2000 tons, titanium industry in the industry it's right to speak in general: very little capacity.

Since twenty-first Century, perhaps the titanium roof of the National Grand Theater has been accompanied by loud singing with the penetrating power of titanium." Now not only know the metal titanium of many people, but also know its not to know why, on the understanding of the excellent performance of titanium is penetrating. The most exciting thing for the titanium industry is that China has become a big country in the titanium industry and a large consumer of titanium. In 2005, the output of sponge titanium was less than 10000 tons, and in 2006 it was close to 20 thousand tons. In 2007, it exceeded 40 thousand tons. Now the titanium is no longer a thing, to dilute the expensive, but the material to excellent for your. The application field of titanium is becoming wider and wider, and the excellent performance of titanium is more and more beneficial to mankind. This also creates conditions for people to understand ti.

From the last century, the former Vice Premier of the State Council, Fang Yi, to the Zunyi titanium industry inspection inscription, "talented, make full use of, no technology, no refinement" so far, the leadership of the non-ferrous industry has been concerned about the development of China's titanium industry.

Civil is "titanium" into people's minds, titanium is a useless, golf club first sports figures, "titanium" human skeleton biophile metal titanium Harmony Aioi, decorations, building a titanium that beautiful incarnation, the most typical is the National Grand Theatre striking the roof of titanium. The most surprising is the 2000 68 year old Peter Horton Bermingham, the British man suffered a serious heart disease, the doctor in order to save his life, a titanium equipment installed in his heart, helping his heart pump blood transfusion. Peter lived on the metal heart for 7 and a half years. He became not only Britain's first "metal heart" bionic man, but also the world's longest man living on an artificial heart. Peter's titanium device, known as "2000 hearts", is actually a titanium pump that can help pump more blood into the heart of a patient. The doctor implanted the artificial metal heart into Peter's left ventricle to help the left ventricle pump more blood through his body. The metal heart, driven by an external battery pack, is pulled out of an electric wire through Peter's chest and connected to a rechargeable battery around Peter's waist. Visible, titanium since the birth of this metal has become a friend of mankind, and its superiority can not only be rooted in the hearts of the people, but also used in the hearts of people.

In the field of manufacturing equipment, excellent performance of titanium are also top. Because titanium has good corrosion resistance, known as the "anti corruption hero", therefore, in many areas of coastal power plants, ships, desalination, chemical and petroleum are titanium equipment where corrosion resistance, excellent quality to show its "come out of the dirty mud unsoiled". It is reported that the Zunyi titanium industry also has a 5 meter long titanium rod lightning rod, is still shining silver, directed at the sky.

Titanium titanium flying into the heart, many excellent properties of titanium are still in play and mining, the words of a fashionable words: as long as the leaders attach importance to China titanium industry macro-control, the excellent performance of titanium science, health, will continue to show in front of people

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