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Titanium Technology And The Chinese Academy Of Sciences To Carry Out In-depth Cooperation
Apr 14, 2018

In the era of current competition, the era of change, and the era of interconnection, cooperation can develop, cooperation can improve, and cooperation can be a win-win situation. Cooperation and win-win are the choices of the times, and the choice of 1+1 is greater than 2. On March 15th, 2018, a group of 9 members of the Titanium Science and Technology Exchange Group led a team to visit the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the “Metal Institute”). The director of the Institute of Metals and related officials attended the reception. Although the two sides met for the first time, but based on their mutual understanding in the industry and a common language in many aspects, this exchange discussion is both in-depth and pragmatic. The two parties can be described as hitting one another.

In the exchange, Titanium Technologies outlined the company's fundamentals, manufacturing capabilities, new product development capabilities, and management capabilities, and put forward hopes in material supply, material industrialization, material preservation research, research topics, personnel introduction, and joint training. Five areas have reached deep cooperation with metals, complementary advantages, and joint development.

In his speech, the director of the Institute of Metals fully recognized the importance of high-end fasteners for model matching, and recognized the high-standard, high-starting, advanced and modern enterprise capabilities of titanium gold technology. He clearly stated that scientific research and production should complement each other and are willing to work on titanium. Five areas of technology put in place cooperation: support for material needs and provide customized development; cooperation in industrialization, and exploration of various forms of cooperation; and joint research and research topics for joint research and research projects; resources for development; Training, willing to increase the cooperation between the hospital, to further explore the joint construction of practical training bases, and build an organic talent circle. In addition, both sides of the exchange also cherish long-term cooperation in the development of international markets and the establishment of shared production bases.

"Development cooperation is at that time, we are willing to deepen cooperation and are willing to do things together," the director of the Institute of Metals said in an exchange. (Source: Titanium Technology)

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