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Titanium Sponge And Titanium Market Stability As Of June 2018
Jun 12, 2018

Titanium dioxide: Titanium dioxide market demand was weak last week. As environmental protection safety inspections continue to strengthen, the market's demand for titanium dioxide has decreased. In the weak market, the market transaction price is dominated by a single discussion. As of May 18, the majority of domestic mainstream market prices for sulfated rutile and anatase titanium dioxide are between RMB 16 million and RMB 178,000/ton and between RMB 13,800 and RMB 15,000/ton (including tax).

Titanium slag: It is understood that due to the weak market of titanium ore and titanium dioxide, the titanium slag market shows a weak and stable state. At present, the price of acid slag is relatively “turbulent” and lower prices appear in the market. Affected by this, the mainstream prices have declined.

Sponge titanium: last week, the market price of titanium sponge was stable. It is reported that most sponge titanium enterprises execute orders and produce by volume, but the increase in the price of titanium tetrachloride increases the production cost of titanium sponge, and the price may adjust in the later period. To May 18, 1 # sponge titanium mainstream offer 59,000 yuan / ton.

Titanium: Titanium market remained stable last week. With the increase in demand for titanium materials in the high-end fields such as aerospace, medical care, etc., large-scale titanium material manufacturers such as Baoji Group will obviously benefit, and it will also bring about some increase in the production of titanium component parts.

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