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Titanium Rods And Titanium Alloy Market Prospects
Feb 18, 2017

Since the industrialization of production in 1951, since the discovery of titanium in 1790. Titanium gradually shows its unique superior performance. Not only has the superior performance of metal structure data, but also has excellent corrosion resistance in many process media. The application of titanium can obtain obvious technical progress and economic benefit. Titanium reserves are ten times the amount of copper, iron, aluminum, after the metal is known as the "space metal"".

Rich in resources, due to a series of excellent properties of titanium. After the advent of the industrial production of titanium, immediately received a high degree of attention. First, the application of titanium from the military and aviation industry began as early as 1951, the United States will be used for titanium on the aircraft, the former Soviet Union, the United Kingdom titanium materials are mainly used in the field of military and aviation. Titanium was first used in aviation, aviation market has been the main titanium market still accounts for 50% of the total world titanium market in 70s after the excellent performance of titanium has been widely recognized in the civilian industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power applications such as civil industry increased year by year, the amount of steady growth. I believe that with the development and development of titanium rods and titanium alloys from time to time, in short. The rise in the amount of titanium from time to time, bright prospects for the future development of new applications of titanium market.

All the venues exhibited a new solar home appliances, new energy vehicles and other energy-saving and environmental protection products, so that we feel the rapid development of China's emerging industries the pace, with the life of all kinds of low carbon and environmental protection products exposition of the most red star. In 6, 7 exhibition hall, a variety of high-tech products with our lives more and more closely. A photo of the domestic fighter, the Shenzhou series of spacecraft eye-catching, because the strength of the original titanium more than 18% steel, joined the titanium golf club is not only more durable, but also lightweight. To the automobile brake parts, vanadium and titanium shell after collision, durable performance is greatly improved. The development prospect of the new market of titanium is prospected. In the long run, the application of titanium in building, automobile, computer and other emerging markets. Bright future prospects for new applications of titanium.

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