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Titanium Products In The Application Of Watches Baoji Titanium Palladium Alloy Plate Sales Quotation
May 08, 2017

In April 25th, Baoji International Exhibition Center has become a piece of metal in the ocean, more than and 140 titanium and titanium alloy from the national research institutions, production enterprises with their own proud of the product here, to participate in the 2017 Baoji Chinese titanium Valley International Titanium Industry expo. Here, you can see the latest technology of titanium products, the most creative products, the most stylish shape and the most convenient application. This is only in Baoji, the Chinese Valley to see the spectacular titanium.

Baoji titanium industry for many years ranked first in the country, the world's second. Baoji high tech Zone as a national torch plan, titanium industrial base of national new material industry base, national new high technology industrialization and titanium processing industry demonstration base, adhere to the titanium industry as a pillar industry, to create "Baoji China titanium Valley", promote the transformation and upgrading, accelerate the development of titanium industry. In order to show the latest achievements of titanium industry, strengthen cooperation and exchanges, and jointly promote the scientific and technological progress and transformation and upgrading of titanium industry, titanium Expo once every two years, held in Baoji.

The theme of this titanium Expo is: the new era of new materials and new applications, from the perspective of multi dimensional perspective, concerned about the upgrading of titanium products, titanium industry chain extension.  Reporters on the scene saw the display of titanium product variety, from the humble to titanium plate screws, the country's largest; from the submersible carrying deep-sea expedition staff to travel and other simple tableware cups; from the ordinary people wearing glasses, to a variety of medical implant titanium material. The application of titanium products has penetrated into every aspect of social life.

In the exhibition site, BaoTi group booth has been one of the highest in the booth popularity. Here is the 4500 m manned submersible TC4 titanium alloy spherical hull, this component localization, make our country in deep-sea exploration areas to get rid of dependence on foreign countries, but also can improve the level of China's high-end equipment manufacturing, significance. This "star product", also received a visit to the exhibition of the merchants and the public's enthusiastic pursuit, many people have stood in front of the booth and the deep submersible photo. Shaanxi thriving Pioneer Metals Corporation brought their fist products - titanium plate. Reporters on the scene learned that the company is famous for large format, large caliber and other unique products. The company currently independently developed 4 meters in width, the length of 12 meters of titanium plate, known as China's first board". The company staff said, plate processing after smelting, forging, rolling and three technology, independent research and development company covers every step of the three process, the plate yield, productivity and yield, reduce energy consumption has greatly improved, greatly reduces the cost of titanium material. The successful production of large format plates laid the foundation for subsequent production in many fields. A plate used in ship field, can make the ship lighter, faster speed, carrying more; for large equipment, equipment can make better quality, enhance the degree of safety; used in aviation field, can make the body better consistency, reduce the risk of collapse; for ocean engineering, can make the lower cost, higher yield.

Compared with these sophisticated equipment, the exhibition, many exhibitors played a "life" brand, they will be combined with titanium products and necessities of life, to make a good quality, creative unlimited products. For example, titanium alloy screws, titanium frame of the bike, titanium materials, such as tableware and glasses and so on, these booths have attracted many people. These exhibitors said titanium products are of good quality and long service life. On the other hand, the application of titanium medical materials is also gratifying, many exhibitors said frankly, they are very optimistic about the market outlook, this time to prepare a good choice of enterprises, to achieve cooperation intentions.

Titanium Expo held on the first day of the project promotion and signing ceremony, the signing of a total of 35 titanium industry related projects, with a total amount of $10 billion 860 million, which is China's titanium Valley - the strength of Baoji.  Titanium Expo, titanium, titanium industry, the future can be expected.

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