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Titanium Production Equipment Break The Foreign Technical Barriers
Jan 13, 2018

2017-12-18 Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute

    Reporters from the Qinghai provincial science and Technology Department was informed that, at present, the electron gun of independent research and development of enterprises in Qinghai main functional unit "high power high frequency high voltage power supply has achieved mass production, the application of the homemade device in electronic equipment production of titanium metal beam cold hearth, stable operation, and a record total sales of titanium and titanium alloy ingot income of 352 million yuan for good grades. This will provide effective experience for improving the degree of localization of China's electronic gun functional devices, accelerating the market application of "titanium" and compressing the cost of the industry.

    Electron gun is the main equipment for titanium and titanium alloy production. With titanium as an important strategic metal, it plays a decisive role in the national economy and national defense. Refining and purifying titanium alloy directly affects the quality and safety of aviation flight nuclear weapon equipment. For a long time, only Germany, Britain, France and other countries have made a deep research on the EB furnace smelting equipment. Due to technical limitations, the equipment of domestic titanium production enterprises all came from abroad, which has brought a series of development obstacles for Chinese enterprises.

    Qinghai poly titanium industry Limited by Share Ltd is the only high and new technology state-owned enterprise specializing in titanium and titanium alloy production and processing in Qinghai province. In 2016, 20 tons of titanium ingot, which was produced in Qinghai's titanium industry, became the largest single titanium ingot of the country and even the whole of Asia.

In order to get rid of the long-term status of "heteronomy", 5 years ago, the company began to carry out "the electron beam cold hearth melting furnace development and industrialization" project, after nearly two years of all aspects of the experts and technical staff's efforts, by the end of 2014, the enterprise successful breakthroughs in key technologies of electron gun with high frequency and high voltage power supply high power core bottleneck "technology, and make the prototype. The project has passed the acceptance this year. The locally manufactured electronic gun and power cabinet developed by the project are better than imported equipment, and are applied to imported equipment on maturity. The cost is only 20% of the overseas equipment.

    Compared with the traditional vacuum self consumable arc furnace, the EB furnace has a strong ability to remove the high and low density inclusions, and the ingot does not produce segregation. The gradual replacement of the vacuum consumable arc furnace by EB furnace is the inevitable trend of the future development. The general manager of the enterprise, Tang Zenghui, introduced it. (Science and technology daily)

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