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Titanium Is A Commodity, Not A Gift
Aug 30, 2017


                              Titanium is a commodity, not a gift

This is a topic worth exploring: titanium is a commodity, not a gift. If the positioning of titanium products as gifts, not only will be far away from more consumers, but will lose access to expand the market space. Gifts give people a high sense of pride. Goods reflect the intimacy of consumers. Two different mental experiences determine the different consumption concepts of goods and gifts, and also reflect the different concepts of business decision making.

There are fewer people to pay attention to, and more people pay attention to it. Titanium in beneficial to human health, but when that moment at the end of 90s of last century titanium civilian R & D, then I do not know why titanium products are rather baffling as titanium gifts, why not go to determine the commodity in the market? Perhaps the production of civilian titanium products manufacturers will say, positioning as gifts, sell out of course, is the commodity! In fact, this market concept seems reasonable, but in fact seriously hurt the titanium products "commodity concept", inadvertently let the titanium products away from the mass consumer market.

I noticed this phenomenon in titanium and titanium valley of Baoji, a lot of related civilian stores are often labeled as "what titanium gift shop", "titanium crafts shop". WeChat is also seen in some of the titanium products as gifts to buy the hands of text and pictures. In particular, recently interviewed in Baoji, noon and several titanium circles when eating, they said whether you can organize a group of titanium gifts on WeChat. Heard that advice, feel titanium ring is too small, titanium is indeed thinking is too narrow for a "gift" of direct compression of the mass consumer groups -- titanium can be used as gifts, but not as gifts, once as gifts, market sales channels will naturally narrowed. And positioning as gifts or goods, and its tax policy is different according to invoices.

True as a "gift", titanium products than gold and silver pearl agate, gold and silver but did not put itself as a "gift", but as the sale of goods, men and women old children can consume, the consumer groups naturally advertised. Although titanium has its own unique health advantages, it is determined by intentionally or unintentionally as a "gift" that determines the limitations of the titanium product market. Because the masses of consumers buy more goods, buy gifts of natural consumers less, see is "gift shop" or "handicraft" shop will bypass. Because more consumers do not need to buy gifts and crafts. Therefore, the "titanium and life" mentioned last year by titanium valley began to integrate with the mass consumer.

Titanium contained in nature, when its human health "biophile metal" characteristic was excavated at that ti is Enze blessing in human metal, has a "Purdue" role. And when we put their positioning in the "gift", it reduces the "self salvation" (consumer) group, titanium also lost the role of Enze. Titanium doesn't need gift decorations, but it needs the commodity type.

Titanium is a commodity and has a huge market capacity. The health of titanium has been widely used in medical devices and other fields. At present, kitchen utensils, tea and other kinds of titanium utensils have already been developed and produced, must not be positioned as a gift, and should be positioned as a commodity to expand into more markets, more consumers.

I would like to start with aluminum daily necessities, stainless steel daily necessities, glassware, daily necessities, there is no positioning as a gift, one said, because that is what the people need for daily necessities. Gifts often seem "useless"". The health of titanium products determines that it conforms to the nation's "big health" strategy and is a new material for consumers to pursue health.

Ti is the commodity that is not a gift, this is a topic of market positioning, but also the so-called "spring snow" and "popular literature or art" topic. Of course, titanium products should be like the production of gifts to pursue perfection, but also to produce goods that pay attention to practical. Do a good job in product quality, consumers will naturally titanium products as a gift to send people, and at this time the "gift" is a consumer of titanium products economically applicable and beautiful recognition.

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