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Titanium: Invisible Wings, Titanium Has Talent
Sep 30, 2017

                                  Titanium: invisible wings, "titanium has talent."

Strange, that is no longer strange ti do computer business Ms. read my "Curse of titanium beauty" after the original titanium sigh, really don't know, now know what you are doing and computer equipment business related to titanium and titanium alloy materials. She has sold similar "panda guards", "Titanium Edition", "20054 antivirus software", "Ajar titanium Golden Dragon" series of graphics cards, and titanium MPIO with exquisite visual tension. See a number of articles in "Pan said titanium" after a series of articles, Ms. Zeng said the original everywhere titanium figure. Rather than talking about the fun of titanium, I was reminded of the topic of writing.

Female singer Angela Chang's "invisible wings" is one of my favorite songs. Today, I try to catch up with fashion and talk about titanium, and I feel it is a kind of appreciation for "fashionable metal" and "titanium". Titanium has invisible wings, 1789, British chemist Gregory Goyle analysis found that titanium in the UK and Chen in the valley, although he was very strong but no interest can arouse people's attention. With titanium experienced the wasted years, since twentieth Century four, in 50s entered the industrial production of titanium, titanium that "invisible wings / every time / wandering alone in the strong, strong toughness, humans discovered it. Open the hidden treasure hidden behind the titanium invisible wings - - -

Titanium is not magnetic, and nuclear submarines constructed of titanium do not have to worry about magnetic mines. The hardness of titanium is about the same as that of steel, and weighs almost half of the same size. Although titanium is a little heavier than aluminum, its hardness is two times stronger than that of aluminum. Nowadays, space rockets and missiles use titanium instead of iron. At present, more than one thousand tons of titanium have been used annually for space navigation in the world. Very fine titanium powder, or a good fuel for the rocket, so titanium is known as "cosmic metal", "space metal". Titanium has good heat resistance and the melting point is up to 1725 centigrade. Titanium is resistant to corrosion. Under normal temperature, titanium can lie in a safe solution in a variety of strong acids and alkalis. Titanium is not afraid of sea water. Some people once sank a piece of titanium to the bottom of the sea. After 5 years, they took a look at it. There were many small animals and plants on the sea floor, but they were not rusty at all. They were still shining. The submarine made of titanium can bear high pressure and can sail in the deep sea of 4500 meters. Titanium is also frequently seen in the chemical industry......

With "I know / I've always had double invisible wings / bring me fly / give me hope / I've finally / see / all dreams blossom" as a confession of titanium, that's personification, but really showing the soul of ti. Some people will say, titanium is a metal which is what the soul, in fact, when you use the titanium getting to know you will find the soul and the soul has titanium mastery, a lot of people in the field of medical titanium body will show the humanization of titanium "". Titanium is also in the automotive field as people become the style of walking metal, especially the United States launched recently named EcosseTitanium - Series brand motorcycle more people feel the titanium be not of the common sort, is the world's first motorcycle with titanium alloy frame of motorcycle exhaust pipe, including, all made of titanium alloy. The motorcycle body weighs 440 pounds, which for large V2 engine, is quite light weight. The luxury motorcycle, limited to 10 units worldwide and priced at $275 thousand - has forced me to sing again to the Titanic, "chase young / singing loud and clear" / I'm finally flying".

Angela Chang sings "leave a / wish / let yourself imagine", did not think of titanium to a woman in the world has left many wishes, but also brought flowers blooming like a piece of brocade imagination. The United States opened a precedent in women using titanium jewelry, the United States has COI titanium bracelet, titanium rings, titanium gold earrings, Gold Pendant titanium and titanium alloy diamond ring and so on. Now the domestic production of titanium jewelry is also quite exquisite, last month a friend gave me the whole titanium bracelet made quite delicate, let me have a love of titanium plus. Visible, the application of titanium metal field "that is quite good."". When people met with titanium, they asked, "what is titanium?" I can only say, "titanium is a chemical element. Its chemical symbol is Ti. It has an atomic number of 22. It is a silvery metal."." Otherwise, I don't know. Now through the understanding and ask the people of titanium BaoTi (BaoTi group), titanium man (as Zunyi titanium), Fu Ti people (Fushun titanium factory) and other old business people and the rise of Western titanium superconducting Dr. Zhang Pingxiang, titanium zirconium and hafnium association secretary general Wang Xiangdong and many other Chinese titanium industry, so I have a new the understanding of the great strength of titanium titanium, see invisible wings behind, see the invisible wings behind the hidden wisdom titanium soul.

"The invisible wings / dreams are longer than ever". The excellent performance of titanium metals has made dreams come true in many fields, such as space, sea, human use, housing construction and so on.

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