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Titanium Industry Or Will Usher In Environmental Protection Bonus
Sep 13, 2017


     Titanium industry or will usher in "environmental protection bonus" era

In August, Panzhihua environmental protection inspector action continued to affect the area in addition

 to Panzhihua titanium production, and longmang mines, other mineral production enterprises are 

subject to different degrees of impact, resulting in a further decline in August Panzhihua titanium ore 

production. But it is not only plagued Panzhihua mine production production, due to the intensity of 

environmental protection inspectors, many small and medium-sized enterprises not only to production, 

and inventory cannot transport and sale of titanium. Affected by this, Panzhihua area of small and 

medium-sized mining enterprises offer chaos, small mining enterprises can offer immediate delivery even

 excluding tax 1700 yuan / ton (excluding tax ex factory price), temporarily unable to shipping companies

 are still 1350 yuan ~1450 yuan / ton (excluding tax factory) between orders, day after delivery. And small

 and medium-sized miners quoted confusion contrast, the local large mines prices remain stable at 1300 

yuan ~1350 yuan / ton (excluding tax, factory).

Because Panzhihua titanium titanium dioxide production, the downstream enterprises began to use 

Australia South Africa to replace the titanium, titanium titanium ore in Panzhihua. By reducing the yield

 and India Ti ore export quota issued by Vietnam is not new, imported to India and Vietnam mine ore 

quantity in China is lower than the level of the same period last year; while the number of imported ore

 mine in Australia and Africa is higher than the level of the same period last year. With the Vietnamese 

mine less and less domestic stock, to the end of 8, some of the lower titanium dioxide enterprises reflect 

the rising prices of Vietnamese mines.

August 95 domestic rutile price slightly callback, a decline of 200 yuan / ton. Other rutile products remain

 the same price. The decline in demand for rutile is the main reason for price declines due to weather 

shortages and a seasonal downturn in downstream demand.

August north market chloride slag supply and demand stability, the price was flat compared with July. 

According to a large northern titanium slag enterprise leader said, because graphite electrode prices 

soared, the current production of chlorinated slag can barely guaranteed, there is no profit. The South

 acid residue prices slightly lower than in July, a drop of 100 yuan ~200 yuan / ton between. With the 

gradual resumption of production of the four titanium chloride enterprises in the north, in August the 

market supply of four titanium chloride is sufficient, and its price has dropped to the normal price of 

7200 yuan ~7300 yuan / ton before this point.

Due to weak downstream demand, the price of titanium sponge fell. In the middle of this month, the 

sponge titanium enterprises will 0# sponge titanium quotes down to 65 thousand ~6.6 yuan / ton; to the

 end of this month, the market 0# sponge titanium transaction price in more than 62 thousand ~6.3 yuan

 / ton. At the same time, part of the sponge titanium enterprises due to increased inventory and choose 

to cut production. Titanium prices also fell with the price of sponge titanium, each enterprise according 

to its own cost implementation of a single discussion, as long as there is still meager profit, will try to 

meet the customer's price reduction requirements, in order to win orders.

August domestic titanium dioxide sales price was flat compared with July. Into mid late 8, the domestic 

part of the titanium dioxide enterprises began raising the price, or rose at 500 yuan / ton. It is observed 

that the current round of prices are small and medium-sized enterprises titanium dioxide factory, and the

 early price in the market at a low level, the price adjustment will make titanium dioxide price range 

gradually higher.

Aspects of supply and demand, domestic titanium dioxide two important areas of Shandong, Sichuan 

ushered in the State Environmental Protection Inspectorate inspection. Titanium dioxide enterprises in 

these areas began to cut production, production, lead to domestic titanium dioxide production fell by 

more than 30%. And titanium dioxide downstream enterprises in environmental supervision during the 

production, titanium dioxide demand side also synchronous decline. Therefore, the domestic supply of

 titanium dioxide did not appear tight state, but in a new state of supply and demand balance.

Environmental protection is no longer fits

"Green" bonus era or will come

In August, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate of Shandong, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other 8 provinces to start the fourth round of inspections. In order to cater to the central Inspectorate, many 

local governments in China have forced all types of enterprises to suspend production temporarily to 

reduce pollution emissions. But the "extreme practices across the board" makes the enterprise Voices of 

discontent. A great impact. In this round of "discontinued" wave, many paint companies have "lying gun" stop production, which led to the decline in domestic demand for titanium dioxide.

Recently, the Ministry of environmental protection immediately halted "across the board" policy, after 

rectification, the factory gradually resume production. Small and medium enterprises in the coatings 

industry production proportion, the future of titanium dioxide demand will gradually rise.

Review of this round of environmental verification storm, the local government began a "blanket" policy

 that those actively involved in environmental protection enterprises hit. Some enterprises invested a lot 

of manpower and material resources in environmental protection equipment, the results are still required

 as enterprises without environmental protection facilities as well as production requirements, which 

makes the industry extremely confused, in the end there is no investment in environmental protection 

equipment to enterprises. With the convergence of various voices into the tide, the central sound in time,

 environmental protection can not be "one size fits all", should not cater to production orders, 

compliance with emission standards of enterprises discontinued.

The process of from the central correct environmental protection "across the board", we should be able 

to see the central and scale determination. That is, the environmental protection unqualified enterprises 

resolutely "one size fits all", will not relent. And for the efforts to invest in environmental protection 

enterprises, as long as qualified emissions, the state will not be more restrictions. In this way, the 

enterprise can meet the standard of normal production, and unqualified enterprises are rejected, the 

responsible enterprises can enjoy the environmental bring "dividend", power companies have such 

strong investment in environmental protection.

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