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Titanium Industry Is A Sunrise Industry With Great Development Prospects
Mar 27, 2017

Titanium industry is a sunrise industry in Jiamusi, adjacent to the raw material enrichment area superiority, aiming to the development direction of construction of the park into a national and even greater range of titanium products processing, trading and quality technical inspection center, will focus on the extension of deep processing of titanium, titanium industry promote the development of gradient upgrade, the formation of titanium industry chain, to the city build a "China titanium valley".

Titanium has the characteristics of high strength, high melting point, corrosion resistance, low density, low damping, no magnetism and high temperature performance, shape memory, good biological compatibility, known as the "space metal", "marine metal", is widely used in aerospace, desalination, shipbuilding, chemical industry, electric power, building such as the national economy and national defense construction and other fields. Jiamusi to see the advantages of this area, in-depth analysis of the titanium market, give full play to the advantages of titanium industry in Jiamusi and make a decision making.

The next few years, Jiamusi will invest in the construction of 12 production plants, will make the annual production of 30 thousand tons of titanium sponge on the spot into titanium and titanium products. By then, will achieve the total output value of 16 billion yuan, annual profits 15~20 billion yuan, and can provide more than 3 thousand industrial jobs and thousands of jobs in service industries, and also led the development of a number of small enterprises, resulting in huge economic benefits and social benefits, after the completion of the project, the entire industrial park will become the China titanium "titanium Valley" in Northeast Asia, "titanium", Chinese trading center the largest comprehensive "titanium industry base", "the world's largest titanium industry cluster". Jiamusi's GDP will increase by 40%, the titanium industry in Heilongjiang will achieve leapfrog development, and strive for the domestic market share of 25~35% titanium.

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