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Titanium Industry Has Become A Pillar Of Economic Development In Baoji High Tech Zone, Titanium And Titanium Alloy Deep-processing Enterprises Have Nearly 400
Feb 14, 2017

In 2008, the national development and Reform Commission, the high tech industry base of new materials of national high tech Zone of Baoji City, awarded a plaque, the first national industrial base for this is Baoji City, which marks the Baoji titanium industry cluster has a considerable influence in the international and domestic brands, also marks the "Chinese titanium industry base has become the first brand in the industry the cluster of Baoji high tech zone.

Economists have predicted that the development and application of titanium and titanium alloy materials has become an important embodiment of the level of research and development and application of new materials in the world. It is this strategic layout based on the national development and Reform Commission identified Baoji, Dalian 7 city, around the information, biotechnology, aerospace materials, new energy materials, environmental protection and energy saving materials as the focus of development, high tech industry base construction of the 7 national new material industry.

China titanium industry base - Baoji new material national high tech industrial base, is the only one in Shaanxi, is the only chinese. Wang Lin, assistant mayor of Baoji high tech Zone, said: Baoji's two outstanding contributions to China's metallurgy, is the pre Qin "bronze" and the modern "titanium alloy".

In recent years, in support of the provincial and municipal leaders, Baoji high tech Zone to seize the capital and industry gradient transfer of manufacturing opportunities in economically developed areas, to create a new platform for industrial development as the focal point, break the normal procedure, to promote a strong, the new materials industry in rare metals, new building materials based on advanced manufacturing industry and manufacturing; the main production of CNC machine tool, oil drilling system of the car; the electronic information industry in communications equipment and equipment manufacturing; biomedical engineering industry to biological products, new medical devices mainly; modern food industry to dairy livestock products, tobacco industry has made great progress, and become an important practice of Baoji high tech Zone Scientific Outlook on Development. Support to achieve sound and rapid economic development. The advantages of industrial clusters to China titanium Valley as the representative of the Baoji high tech Zone has become bigger and stronger industry highlights.

Over the years, the Baoji high tech Zone production of titanium and titanium alloy products have been widely used in aerospace, aviation, navigation and other fields. By the end of 2008, Baoji titanium and titanium alloy deep-processing enterprises have nearly 400. Titanium industry has become the pillar of economic development in Baoji high tech zone. With the spread of the financial crisis in the second half of 2008, titanium market can be described as a depression". The market supply situation has been reversed, titanium material prices fell sharply, short delivery time, product quality control and so on, the increasingly fierce market competition makes the production and operation of enterprises face many difficulties and challenges.

In the market situation, Lihang titanium industry in consolidating and expanding the traditional market at the same time, to seize the low-end market strategy, expand the medical, chemical and other fields of titanium in order to strengthen the spot sales, shorten the delivery time. At the same time, increase the development of new products, new markets, targeting ships, oil logging and other industries market.

Titanium industry base in China, gathered a number of vibrant small and medium enterprises. They integrate Ti resources, develop with many years of experience in the market, putting up long short, looking for opportunities in the face of the crisis, also made great achievements: Lihang titanium industry is outstanding private enterprises, they through continuous innovation incentive mechanism, extend the industrial chain to increase the benefit, the science and technology innovation as a magic weapon through this year, the new development of titanium spiral plate heat exchanger and other high-end products favored by the market, showing a booming attitude.

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