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Titanium Industry Entered A Boom Cycle And Achieved Fundamental Improvement In Operating Performance
May 07, 2018

Titanium industry entered a boom cycle and achieved fundamental improvement in operating performance.

Western Titanium Data:

1. In the military industry, titanium alloy tubing for aviation is certified by Bombardier Quality System, and the company’s orders for space and ship titanium alloy materials and precious metal materials have increased significantly; in the field of environmental protection, metal fiber filter products are used in high-temperature flue gas dust removal from coal-fired power plants. The demonstration project passed the appraisal. In the field of nuclear power, the development of new products such as the company's nuclear power control component supporting materials and nuclear spent fuel post-processing equipment has progressed smoothly. The nuclear-grade stainless steel materials used in Hualong No. 1 overseas demonstration nuclear power plant achieved bulk orders.

2. The recovery of the chemical industry was obvious. The company's orders for titanium and zirconium processing materials, laminated composites, and rare metal equipment all witnessed significant growth. Among them, the market for zirconium materials was blowout, with a market share of more than 90%, and it is fully replacing imported zirconium. material. The significant increase in revenue from titanium products comes from the increase in the proportion of high value-added military products, while the price of civilian products is no longer declining. In the past year, the company’s product gross profit margin still achieved a slight increase under the situation of a major increase in the price of titanium sponge, which once again confirmed the titanium materials in military and civilian areas. The strong contribution.

3. The company leads the industry development with technological innovation, and the industrial transformation and upgrading continue to bear fruit. In 2017, the company invested RMB 79.91 million in research and development, made breakthroughs in a large number of R&D projects such as “TC4 titanium alloy for new transport aircraft”, and cultivated new growth points for the future development of the company. The company received 49 science and technology projects throughout the year, including 2 national projects. In 2017, the company received a total of 2 provincial and ministerial technology first prizes, 2 second prizes, 2 third prizes, and 30 granted patents.

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