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Titanium Industry Aviation Titanium Alloy R & D And Manufacturing Base
Jan 10, 2018

Titanium alloy developed by Chongqing Jin Shili Titanium Industry Co. Ltd invested 2 billion 400 million yuan to build the manufacturing base, after the output value of about 3 billion yuan, the main development and production of aerospace and gas turbines with titanium alloy materials, forging and other metal materials, to protect China's high-end aerospace and gas turbine with titanium alloy supply, and strive in aircraft engines, aircraft structure and bearing structure for aerospace materials, titanium alloy, high temperature and low temperature gas turbine with the field of titanium alloy reached the world level. The project started in September this year. The investment of plant and equipment is over 300 million yuan, it is expected to be completed in May next year, and it will be put into production in June.

Titanium is an important structural metal developed in 1950s. Titanium alloy has high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance. From 1950s to 60s, the high temperature titanium alloy used for aero engine and the structural titanium alloy used for the body were mainly developed.

A batch of corrosion resistant titanium alloys were developed in the 70s of last century. Since 80s, corrosion resistant titanium alloys and high strength titanium alloys have been further developed. Titanium alloys are mainly used to make aircraft engine compressor components, followed by rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft structures.

Titanium alloys work well in moist atmosphere and sea water. Their corrosion resistance is much better than that of stainless steel. They have strong resistance to pitting corrosion, acid etching and stress corrosion. They have excellent corrosion resistance to alkali, chloride, chlorine, organic compounds, nitric acid and sulfuric acid. But with titanium on corrosion resistance of chromium and oxygen reduction medium difference. (coloured newspaper)

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