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Titanium Concentrate Has Been Down, Titanium Dioxide Will Also Meet The Price Surge
May 31, 2017

Titanium concentrate prices from January 2016 to 450 yuan / ton or so, straight up to mid April 2017 2000 yuan / ton high, or nearly 350%. However, from mid April, this situation has been curbed. The average price of titanium concentrate has dropped to about 1700 yuan / ton, and some small mines still can't sell it at this price. In just three weeks, titanium concentrate has fallen by 15%.

However, the decline of titanium concentrate, titanium dioxide as the lower reaches of titanium concentrate enterprises, the high prices of titanium concentrate this round, whether it is possible to lead to lower prices of titanium dioxide?

Demand for titanium dioxide is on the decline

Enter the second quarter, titanium dioxide market and coatings market gradually became weak, and environmental supervision supervision of the paint industry is more and more big, causing most of the production of small enterprises, led to the titanium dioxide market demand significantly declined. This year, many domestic real estate regulation policies frequently overweight, the market demand for titanium dioxide showed a downward trend.

Downstream enterprises adequate stocking

As titanium dioxide prices have risen more than a year, the downstream enterprises obvious stocking, large terminal for 3 months, small terminal more available for six months, the demand for titanium dioxide further weakened.

Large enterprises began to cut prices in disguised form

It is reported that recently, large enterprises have begun to reduce prices by means of rebates and other means of shipment. If the factory officially opened the "price reduction" model, the market or retaliatory decline will occur.


Titanium concentrate market will continue to be in demand, continued high prices fell, and the decline in demand for titanium dioxide, downstream stocked and large enterprises in price delivery and other factors, will continue to stifle the rising trend of titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide, or there will be a decline of 30%, fell to 15000 yuan / ton.

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