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Titanium Company 2017 Spring Festival Production And Operation Of The Actual Situation
Feb 14, 2017

Before the holiday, titanium companies for the production and operation of the actual situation, the development and improvement of targeted emergency rescue plan. During the festival, the company to strengthen security checks, strict monitoring of major hazard points, to ensure that key areas of security management measures in place. Strengthen the holiday duty, the implementation of safety responsibility to the people, to the post.

In order to ensure the smooth production of titanium industry during the Spring Festival, the company conscientiously Lihang titanium industry spirit, to win the overall turnaround battle as the goal, in accordance with the general idea of titanium industry "stronger, bigger, promote the restructuring of industry, increase efficiency, to achieve annual production and management objectives as the core, to firmly establish the awareness of the market economic, efficient organization of production. At the same time, titanium industry company focus on production expansion, cost optimization, technology integration, core team construction, light asset management and other key work, and mobilize all positive factors, carefully organize production and improve the equipment management level, efforts to enhance the titanium dioxide, titanium sponge production quality and production, to ensure that during the holiday season for direct production and transportation. Titanium products now better market, we must seize the rare opportunity." See you try to optimize the indicators, Zou Xiaofang said that the full implementation of the company after the contract of the titanium industry, the release of the full vitality of the staff to stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of workers.

Indicators layer upon layer decomposition, instruction layer by layer, the responsibility to implement layers. As long as you stand on the operating platform, there is no new year's Eve, said that only the concept of safe and efficient production!" 3 stove long Wu Jun pat chest to assure Zou Xiaofang.

Words will do, do. After the meeting, Ding class 20 workers rushed into the work. "Outside the furnace sample pass rate?" 9 o'clock, just from the No. 2 long furnace furnace pressure tube Qiaowan platform put down the little Wei, sweating into the control room, control the operator to inquire about the situation in Britain s.. "Came out, more than the previous shift 0.2%." To understand the data, this paper Shaowei picked up the control record carefully looked at, "the furnace cycle, power consumption, cost, taste good, but also can improve." With that, he carefully recorded the data in the self-made spreadsheet. "Quality, tons of material consumption, smelting cycle, single furnace production of these 4 indicators, we should fully optimize. The indicators are good, enterprise efficiency, the income of employees will grow." 1 Su Shiwei is a man of excellence. 2 pm, he finished slag, came to No. 1 in the control room and Zou Xiaofang exchange views. After two people, some indicators can also be concluded that the results can be optimized, and then told the controller to do some fine-tuning on the parameters.

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