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Titanium Bike Features
Apr 28, 2017

Titanium alloy is a high performance materials used in aerospace products, with excellent properties of metal materials, is internationally recognized as the production of various kinds of competitions and recreational use high-grade bicycle is most advanced, the most ideal material.

Titanium alloy is characterized by light weight, high strength, good elasticity, impact resistance, good fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, never rust. Bicycles, especially cars, require light weight, good rigidity and good impact resistance. Light weight can improve the speed, and in the long distance movement to reduce energy consumption; steel frame good is conducive to the conversion of the driving force, and improve the control performance of the frame; good shock absorption can effectively slow down from the impact of the road, so as to reduce driver fatigue. For the production of bicycle frame, in many metal materials, titanium alloy can meet the above requirements at the same time, so it is very ideal for the production of frame materials.

Titanium alloy not only its weight is only 50% of steel, and 28.4% high strength weight Bibi chromium molybdenum steel. The fatigue limit of titanium alloy is two times that of steel, and the aluminum alloy frame can not be compared with the titanium alloy frame after a long time. As a high strength and low density titanium alloy used in bicycle frame, it will not only make the frame light weight and high strength, but also make the frame more durable.

Titanium alloy has superior corrosion resistance, compared with other metal and non-metal materials longer, titanium alloy frame has the advantages of high durability, no aging, no wear, no scratches, no need to paint the surface of frame protection, because it does not rust or corrosion like iron and aluminum frame, and erosion resistant, acid rain UV, moisture, so you don't have to worry about the metal surface due to the formation of depression, exposed in the air corrosion. Titanium alloy frame makes riders feel safer and more reliable, it will not suddenly fracture, fracture from small cracks, then you will have noticed; even the accidental collision fracture, special ductile metals will also protect you from harm.

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