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Titanium Anode With Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
May 25, 2016

Keywords: chlorate electrolytic titanium anode, sodium hypochlorite generator device with titanium anode, chlorate electrolytic titanium electrode, electrolysis of sodium chloride electrode for Sodium hypochlorite generator (4 yuan, five yuan, new formula) titanium anode device used mainly for hospital treatment of sewage of bacterium containing, containing electroplating cyanide wastewater treatment, but also for the swimming pool, drinking water, life sewage disinfection, food processing plant environment and medical equipment, restaurants, public canteens tableware and drinking utensils disinfection. 

With the development of China's four modernizations, the small chlorine occurrence equipment will be for China's environmental protection engineering, water treatment disinfection process to the role can not be ignored. According to the use of sodium hypochlorite generator, mainly divided into health disinfection and environmental protection in two categories. Sanitation and disinfection class used for disinfection of drinking water, sanitary ware and tableware disinfection, vegetables, fruits, food disinfection and human health directly related to the sodium hypochlorite generator.

Environmental protection type refers to the industrial wastewater treatment, hospital sewage treatment as well as all the other using sodium hypochlorite solution for industrial sector is not directly related to the sodium hypochlorite generator and human health.

[equipment characteristics]

(a) sodium hypochlorite generator combination form, dissolved salts, the dilute salt water mixing, adding measurement and sodium hypochlorite cycle occurs in a groove body, less investment, covers an area of province, set up a flexible.

(two) the generator is a combination of tube, inner cooling, single pole and series connection. The generator anode is made of titanium as the matrix, coated with two ruthenium oxide, the potential is low, and the life is long. Under normal operating conditions, each continuous time occurs 300 to 200 hours. Sodium hypochlorite is diaphragm type natural circulation form. Therefore, salt utilization rate, high current efficiency in electrolysis process, sodium hypochlorite yields, low energy consumption, operating costs low.

[main technical parameters]

Capacity: 10KG/H

Cathode material: ruthenium plated Iridium

Voltage: 30-60V (can be customized)

Current: 1280-1500A (can be customized)

Size: 2335x1880x1550mm (can be customized)

Anode material selection

Anode material can choose coating titanium anode, mixed oxide coating titanium anode, long service life, this kind of coating titanium anode over potential is relatively low, high efficiency, energy saving effect is good. Using sodium hypochlorite generator titanium anode with platinum, iridium ruthenium alloy and titanium anode. Easy Rider company developed special is very suitable for the use of anode products, in order to improve the efficiency in the use of salt and prolong the service life of the anode effect, main products are as follows: ruthenium titanium anode plate, network and so on. YUNCH anode with high efficiency, long service life. Can also be applied to the following special conditions: to the oxide process (such as acid pickling); high speed running of the electrolyte; electrode commutation.

a high-tech private enterprise with import and export right, specializing in the production of insoluble anode, providing high-quality titanium anode products to the world, is the world's leading of platinum plating on titanium anode manufacturers. At the same time to provide advanced electroplating, electrolysis technology, and promote the field of electrochemical efficiency, energy saving and clean.

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Company profile:

YUNCH., is based on anodized titanium and other metal electrode, non-ferrous metal materials and deep processing of products set research, development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.

 YUNCH main in titanium and wholesale products are mixed metal oxide titanium anode (MMO Tai Yangji): silk ribbon anode, anode, conductive tape, rod anode, net anode, anode tubular, tubular anode, anode, anode probe, discrete network anode, spiral discrete anode, windmill anode used in water treatment of titanium anode, titanium anode electroplating, electrolytic smelting with titanium anode; magnesium anode, aluminum anode, zinc anode, high silicon cast iron anode, platinized anode, two lead oxide electrode, and other metal electrode has been successfully used in chlor alkali production, chlorate, perchlorate / electrolytic extraction of nonferrous metal, electro deposition, ion water generator, electroplating, electric dialysis, electrophoresis, electrosynthesis and cathodic protection. The company also carries out the overall design, manufacture and technical advisory services for the corrosion protection, electro deposition, electroplating water treatment and so on. The company has a sound modern enterprise management system, modern production equipment and testing equipment, has received ISO9001 quality system certification.

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