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Titanium And Stainless Steel's Difference
Mar 30, 2018

1.There is a difference in color.Titanium is a little dark, a cool color, it's cool, titanium is a little darker than steel.Steel is white and pale.The two colors are quite visible.


                         stainless steel pipe and titanium pipe

           钛管和不锈钢管_副本 - 副本.jpg

2.You can make a distinction with nitric acid.The titanium does not react, and the stainless steel will react strongly when it is lowered.

3.Titanium can be marked on tile, but stainless steel can't draw a mark.

4.good corrosion resistance of titanium: under 550 ℃ and the oxide film formation, therefore, not be further oxidized easily, on the eve of the gas, water, steam and acid, alkali, soft medium has high losses.

5.titanium thermal strength: titanium alloy melting point is 1660 ℃, higher than iron, has high thermal strength, can be under 550 ℃, at the same time down shows good toughness at low temperature.

                  stainless steel plate and titanium plate


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