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China titanium Pipes, How Much Do You Know
Mar 23, 2018

  Titanium alloy tube is made of titanium alloy, titanium alloy can be divided into three categories according to the organization.(1 titanium is added to aluminum and tin;2 Aluminum and chromium, molybdenum, vanadium and other alloy elements are added in titanium;3 Aluminum and vanadium are added to titanium.)

        titanium tube19.jpg

  Titanium alloys have the following advantages over other metal materials:

1.The tensile strength can reach 100~140kgf/mm2, and the density is only 60% of steel.

2.Good corrosion resistance, the titanium surface in the atmosphere immediately forms a uniform and     dense oxide film, which has the ability to resist various dielectric erosion.

3.Low elastic modulus, small thermal conductivity, no ferromagnetism.

4.High hardness.

5.Poor stamping and good thermal plasticity.

6.Under moderate temperature can still maintain the required strength, can be in 450 ~ 500 ℃ under the temperature of working for a long time.

         titanium tube15.jpg

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