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Titanium Alloy Military And Civilian Supplies Anda Made By Large Aircraft
Dec 15, 2017

The construction project of Guizhou province to observe the scene, as a set of high-end aerospace defense weaponry and equipment in civilian foundry business as one of the specialized foundry enterprises, located in Anshun economic and Technological Development Zone Guizhou Anji Aviation Precision Casting Co. impressed watch representatives.

Recently, reporters once again entered the Anji Aviation Precision Casting Co., Ltd., and the office building was decorated with a bright "casting inscription", highlighting this military enterprise's struggling and innovative corporate culture.

"There are four pilot units in the national aviation industry group for military and civilian integration, and Anji Aviation Precision casting is the only one in Guizhou. All the most difficult and complex aeronautical titanium alloy, high temperature alloy precision casting and other aircraft parts are produced here, and the annual output value is up to 200 million yuan. " Wang Zhihong, the deputy general manager of the Anji company and the Secretary of the board of directors, said proudly.

With the help of thousands of enterprise reform ", Anji company take advantage of speeding up the development of civil military integration industry, the introduction of external capital resources, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and strive to build a" new civil military integration demonstration enterprises with "military capital cooperation + research depth.

"In 2015 we in Xixiu District of old factory relocation to here, the old factory has been idle, combined with" industry of military and civilian integration transformation and development, thousands of enterprises. We will use the old factory, while the production of military and civilian." Wang Zhihong said.

The Anji company introduced external enterprises with the production of materials, performance previews. "The output value of the material last year is about 20000000 yuan, and it is expected to reach about 50000000 yuan this year. Before reusing the old factory, the output value was not, and we had more than 10 invention patents in the process. " Wang Zhihong said that the implementation of "1000 enterprises transformation" is not only a highly automated and intelligent new factory area, but also a great opportunity for Anji.

Originally in the military industry, the utilization rate of titanium alloys made by military workers in Anji was only 25%, and the rest could only be treated as waste. After the transformation and upgrading, the titanium alloy was recycled for civilian products and realized complete reuse, and a series of high-end civilian products were developed.

"At present, our faucets mainly sell foreign markets, a single selling price of ten thousand yuan. There are a number of automotive materials delivered at the end, a number of civilian projects are being planned. This year our civilian size is about 30000000 yuan, is expected next year the civilian size will reach 200 million yuan." Wang Zhihong said that the development of the civil market, Anji company has full preparation and expectation.

A civil military integration in the East, Anji construction company, Anshun aviation casting and special alloy materials Industrial Park Aviation Industrial Park, to meet the technical research and development, reserves, aviation materials preparation, molding and casting production capacity of incubator aviation demand, and strive to further industrial upgrading and technological innovation.

As with the Anji company, Guizhou anda aviation Forging Co. Ltd. has also accelerated the pace of development of civil military integration.

In November 20th, the first advanced supplier of C919 domestic airliner and the commendation conference of the Shen Yan unit were held at the Shanghai aircraft design and Research Institute. Guizhou anda company won the "C919 large aircraft first flew advanced collective" title.

In the domestic large aircraft C919 R & D and manufacturing, is an important milepost anda companies to advance the integration of military and civilian industries. Before this, the enterprise has become the important product supplier of more than 30 internationally famous enterprises.

"As a military enterprise, our foreign trade and civilian business accounted for about 20% of the total output value of 300 million yuan to the civil military integration scale." Anda company development planning department deputy manager Wu Yuanbo introduction, the original military civilian common line is not only prone to confusion, capacity can not meet the huge market demand, must upgrade through the transformation from the semi automation to improve automation and intelligent.

In July this year, anda aviation Forging Industrial Park project started as a key project of Guizhou civil military integration demonstration park, Ontario has taken to increase professional high-end civil aviation ring forgings development investment, into the global aviation equipment manufacturing supply chain key step. "The military industry must have an open mind. We should take the initiative to go out, please come in, and the materials purchasing at the front end and the supporting processing at the back end should invite private enterprises to come together and create high-end industrial clusters." "The middle and low end forging industry is overcapacity", "civil military integration" will be the direction for the company to seize the high-end forging Market and seek breakthroughs and make it bigger and stronger. (titanium micro medium)

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