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Titanium Alloy Market Or Further Increase The Amount Of Air To 15%
Jun 08, 2016

According to Huicong plastic inquiry: as one of the main structure materials of airframe 

structures and aircraft engine, titanium alloy market application level is a measure of an 

important symbol of the advanced degree of aircraft material, is a important aspect affecting

 the tactical performance of airplane. In foreign third generation fighter, the amount of

 titanium alloy structure weight ratio of 20% to 25%, in the fourth generation fighter F-22 

(EMD) has been as high as 41%, its application showed a significant upward trend. Aero engine

with the amount of titanium also in gradually increased and overseas advanced aviation engine 

titanium amount has reached 30%, such as V2500 engine titanium content as high as 31%, fourth 

generation F119 engine titanium alloy dosage is 40%. 

In the civil aircraft, the amount of titanium alloy is gradually increasing, A380 with 10% of the total weight of titanium, titanium alloy about 60 tons (Figure 1). The amount of titanium used in Airbus has increased from third to 6% A340 in 4.5% generations of A320, and the amount of titanium in the upcoming A350 passenger jet has been further increased to 15%.

Changing world system of national defense and civil aviation system development for aircraft and engine by reducing structural weight of effective ways to continue to improve performance, to improve the safety and reliability and reduce the cost of life.

60 years, the titanium alloy by continuous alloy innovation, technology innovation and engineering application, has never stopped again and again to dig out the potential ability of the titanium, its strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages increasingly fully play out, high cost problems gradually get resolved to different degrees, use reliability with application design experience accumulated and continuous improvement. 

The development trend of titanium alloy is precisely adapted to the needs of the aviation industry, even in some ways to advance the attitude of the aircraft and its engine development.

Titanium alloy has low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, low, non-toxic non magnetic, welding, biological compatibility is good, surface decoration and other characteristics is that a lightweight high strength corrosion of structural materials, in weapons and equipment has wide application prospect, and has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, chemical, petroleum, electric power, medical, construction, sporting goods and other fields.

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