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Secret Of China's Metal 3D Printing Technology: 0.5 Kilograms Of Titanium Alloy Parts Up 400 Kilograms Weight
Oct 31, 2017

Secret of China's metal 3D printing technology: 0.5 kilograms of titanium alloy parts up 400 kilograms weight

0.5 kilograms support 400 kilograms weight, Chinese spacecraft test water 3D printing

In order to break the blockade of the Western core technology for Chinese, China entrepreneurs, scientists boldly practice and innovation, is not only made by western countries monopoly (L, I) rhenium metal core components, but also created a new metal manufacturing mode. In September 20, 2017, the world's top metal 3D printing equipment manufacturers in Germany, soman (SLM Solutions) Company signed with a Chinese company cooperation agreement, the establishment of a joint research center and a Chinese company, will expand the market for application development Chinese.

The 3D printing technology of metal materials has high threshold, great difficulty, high added value, and the output value of metal 3D printing accounts for more than 80% of the whole 3D printing industry. In terms of metal 3D printing, Western technology has long been ahead of china. Today, the metal 3D printing is increasingly appearing in the high-end equipment made in China, which makes the world's leading enterprises, but also noted the Chinese enterprises in this regard to achieve innovation and achievements.

Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group of five into the exhibition hall, the main research results Chinese concentration of spacecraft, the spacecraft to reduce weight requirements, it is very harsh, because each additional gram weight, it will bring high cost and complexity to launch, will add aircraft project, or even directly affect the feasibility of the plan. In order to reduce the weight of each gram, the researchers thought about any possible method from the material and structure.

China Aerospace Science and technology group of the five branches of the overall increase in material manufacturing technology project manager Zhang Xiaoyu said: This is our current project on the lightest material, called honeycomb sandwich structure, the structure of which are all on the surface of honeycomb, and then using the carbon fiber. This kind of carbon fiber is very expensive, and it's about one kilogram more expensive than the same weight of gold. It's a relentless pursuit to lose weight. Carbon fiber materials, together with the honeycomb structure, have almost reached the limit of weight loss, but engineers are not satisfied with it. They want to lose some weight. But how can we achieve a new breakthrough?

A factory located in Beijing, Changping District, is producing components such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other metal parts. However, unlike other metallurgical plants, the reporters can not see the large metal forging equipment, but also can not see a lot of skilled workers operation, only to see a 3D printing machine is busy working. This metal printing technology is called laser selective melting, using laser irradiation of pre spread metal powder, forming it fixed. After two days, the manufacturing process came to an end at last, technical personnel carefully "powder brush to the excess printer, a structure is very complex and delicate titanium cube show.

Deputy general manager of Xin Jinghe Laser Technology Development Co., Ltd. Sun Feng said: titanium alloy in our metallurgical industry, is a very difficult to form a material, metallurgical process, it is very complicated, through our 3D printing technology, put a titanium alloy so hard to do, through our 3D printing process that presents such a lightweight structure.

In the manufacturing industry, the traditional way of manufacturing is "reduction manufacturing", it is the use of existing geometric model workpiece, using tools to gradually cutting materials, grinding, reducing, and eventually become the required parts. 3D print on the contrary, it is based on a three-dimensional digital file, in a plane without any material, a layer by layer printing, add material, eventually forming a three-dimensional, which is called 3D printing, also known as "additive manufacturing".

Such a length of about 20 cm cube, if the casting process produced by traditional metal, the weight of at least 5 kilograms, and the parts of the weight is only 0.5 kg, only the previous 1/10, the weight is greatly reduced, but with high strength. Sun Feng gave us a demonstration on the spot. Almost 100 kilograms of sun Feng, the whole person standing on this cube is no problem, Sun Feng told us, its maximum endurance is 300 to 400 kilograms, that may be 800 times to 1000 times the load.

At present, in many of our aircraft, ships and even important parts of the spacecraft, you can see the metal 3D printing figure. Both the aircraft, ship, engine parts, or rockets, space aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and other aerospace equipment, metal 3D printing parts are quietly replaced with traditional manufacturing parts, provides more possibilities to aerospace and other high-end manufacturing and. Many large and small parts of the spacecraft can be used to replace the more bulky metal. Even a piece of hair, you can hang up a small size of the satellite on the small parts.

Sun Feng said: the lightweight effect it is very good, it's the whole weight parts reached more than 30%, which gives us the launch of this one, saving the cost of millions, even tens of millions of yuan to the effect of A. Our traditional manufacturing industry, manufacturing a satellite it may take months or even years, through the realization of the whole satellite of our 3D printing process, may only need a few days, a small satellite can play out.

As a cutting-edge advanced manufacturing technology, 3D printing has become a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution

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