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Russian Scientists Invented Titanium Mesh Implants
Oct 31, 2017

                                  Russian scientists invented titanium mesh implants

A team of scientists from the Central Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences recently successfully developed titanium mesh implant multifunctional, the graft is currently in Russia many surgical practice and achieved good results, is considered to be a broad application prospect of the future medical implants. The research team found that in the search for better alternative for treating hernia graft during surgery, at present the use of composite materials and a large number of transplantation, the grafts with limited service life, material degradation not only cause inflammation, and even lead to serious complications. To solve these problems, Russian scientists began to search for new alternative grafts and eventually developed the titanium mesh implants.

A new graft is a good solution to the problem of the original degradation of composite materials, with the help of network structure, the new implant has good elasticity, good effects have been gained in abdominal surgery, dental surgery and Department of orthopedics. Scientists have also attempted to use this mesh structure to produce different sizes of grafts, and have achieved good results. A metal wire the titanium metal mesh graft, diameter of 30-38 microns, graft mesh composed of often 2-3 times lower than body weight graft replacement, graft elasticity and new better properties is more ergonomic.

At present, Russia has 50 hospitals in the surgical treatment of the graft hernia, with the increasing attention, more and more surgeons began to try to use this new implant for breast plastic surgery especially angioplasty, dental and gynecologic field. The researchers say that this new graft, unlike the traditional implant, does not cause inflammation and complications due to degeneration, and that wider applications may be performed in vivo.

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