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Titanium Alloy Technology Aircraft And Engine Summit Is Held In Beijing
Jan 12, 2018

The processing of aeronautical materials directly determines the application of aeronautical materials, and the processing technology is closely related to the aeronautical materials. Precision casting and machining process of high temperature materials by Chinese Hangfa Beijing Institute of Aerial Materials has been committed to the research of single crystal blade. Chinese Hangfa Beijing Institute of Aerial Materials deputy director Luo Yu in the forum site with the material properties of single crystal superalloy as the breakthrough point, emphatically introduces the casting process of single crystal blade and present application status. He pointed out that the manufacturing technology of single crystal blade is going forward, and the future of high temperature alloy materials will continue to be low cost and high reliability.

The application of composite materials on aircraft is a trend

In recent years, the amount of the mainstream civil aircraft composite materials has been greatly improved. The amount of the compound material used in the Airbus A350XWB model is about 35%, and the amount of the composite material of the Boeing 787 model is 50%. From the aviation industry the first aircraft design and Research Institute deputy chief designer Wang Qianping in the "design and forecast" large aircraft composite structure theme report describes a flying Aviation Industry Institute in the design of large transport aircraft composite structure research, material foundation, design, development, manufacturing, testing process and other aspects of the trial delivery to do some to explore and try to project. At present, has established a set of large transport node strength design criteria, composite construction method and platform; completed the design specification documents related to nearly more than 100 copies; the process specification, the relevant test specifications, product quality certification and accreditation documents; also established a test planning system based on the requirements of airworthiness verification of composite.

Commercial airliner has been in demand for advanced Al Li alloy materials

The forum second days, China fly Shanghai aircraft design and Research Institute standard material model designer, director researcher Li Hongping introduced the third generation of aluminum lithium alloy in the application of domestic and foreign models in a keynote speech, and the advantages of large aircraft with the third generation of aluminum lithium alloy brings. The future is considered to be applied to the wide body airliner project to improve the weight loss efficiency of the airliner.

The summit attracted hundreds of domestic and international aviation materials industry experts, focusing on research and development of advanced aircraft materials and applications, aircraft interiors, intelligent manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation, aircraft structure design, processing technology, user needs and other aspects of the issues in-depth discussion, promote information sharing and cooperation between enterprises project participants.

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