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China Has Found The Super Metal Aero Engine Going Forward
Jan 10, 2018

In Chengdu HangYu Super Alloy Technology Co. Ltd., we saw the key - the most metal rhenium in the production of single crystal blade. This is the latest natural element found by human beings, because the discoverer is a German chemist, so the name of the the Rhine is named rhenium. It is smaller in the earth's crust than all the rare earth elements, and is more difficult to obtain than the diamond. According to the US geological survey report, the global proven rhenium reserves are only about 2500 tons, and the price of rhenium is similar to that of platinum. One gram takes about two hundred or three hundred yuan.

To purify rhenium, Chengdu HangYu Super Alloy Technology Co., the parent company of the company, which is a listed mineral company. In 2010, the company laid the probe to pour rhenium molybdenum mine mine in Luonan County of Shaanxi province and its subordinate Huanglong, reserves of 176 tons, accounting for about 7% of global reserves, after Chile, the United States, Russia and Kazakhstan. In recent years, with the development of the aviation industry, the annual average growth rate of rhenium consumption is 3%, although the price is very expensive, it has been in a state of short supply.

In order to find more metal rhenium, Chengdu HangYu Technology Co. Ltd. and super alloy through Hunan Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, with more than a year to overcome technical problems, realize the purification of rhenium. But with such scarce resources, Zhang Zheng and shareholders have found that this rare metal is hardly sold in the country.

Under the helplessness, they turn their eyes to the international market, and hope to use the mode of exchange of resources to seek cooperation with the alloy manufacturing enterprises such as foreign countries.

Chengdu HangYu super alloy technology limited company chairman Zhang Zheng: every one wants to come with us to sign a long association price, as long as we produced they will, but because of this technology, all countries master the single crystal technology enterprises, is a law in the United States, is not allowed to participate in the technical cooperation.

The United States is the largest consumer of rhenium metals, controlling the global marketing market, and has been in a monopoly position. Because rhenium can be widely used in jet engines and rocket engines, about 80% of the world's rhenium is used for the production of aero engines, which is of great importance in military strategy. In order to maintain its dominance in the aviation industry, the United States and some other western countries have perennial material and technical blockade against China. The British aircraft engine giant Rolls Royce in Chinese investment, but the staff China layer uponlayer, even at that time has been working in the company for seven years, Song Yang, never have a chance to contact the core technology.

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