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Looking For The Future Titanium Industry Recovery From The Demand Of The Aviation Industry
Jan 06, 2018

The structure of the aviation industry, titanium accounted for about half of global demand, industrial titanium can reach more than 40%, but industrial titanium across a wide, and far less than the cyclical fluctuations of the aviation industry, so many foreign scholars believe that the demand for titanium industry plays a decisive role in the airline industry, especially in commercial aviation.

Historically, every big cycle of the titanium industry is related to the air and heat of the industry. From the statistics of the past 40 years, the major events of price and basic supply and demand have been compared. In the 19 major events that triggered the titanium market fluctuation, 15 times were caused by demand side, and 11 of them were caused by the change of commercial aviation demand.

The recovery and warming of the local aviation industry will certainly lead to a substantial increase in the demand for titanium materials. First of all, the recovery of the aviation industry brings the increase of titanium content per unit aircraft. It shows that the large wide body units are successful in the flight test with high titanium (Boeing 787 and 747-8). The expected acceleration in the next two years will significantly enhance the demand for titanium for aviation. Secondly, we think that the aviation industry titanium material inventory to close, there are two arguments: Despite the recent two years aviation orders fell sharply, causing aircraft titanium demand fell, but the global commercial aircraft deliveries will remain high, and even increased slightly in 2009, global aviation titanium demand dropped nearly 30%, very important reason in the aviation industry to the inventory.

 Two global commercial aircraft orders have fallen sharply and have fallen back to the 2003-04 level.

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