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Thyssen Krupp Opens 3D Printing Center
Sep 13, 2017

                              Thyssen Krupp opens 3D printing center

In order to promote the application of 3D printing technology in the industrial field, Thyssen Krupp group in Germany before the date of millheim opened a 3D printing technology center. The design and manufacture of digital platform were carried out in the center for all products, can be customized processing of metal, plastic and other raw materials in the supply chain and the added value has significant advantages, will effectively benefit customers and ecological environment.

Thyssen Krupp by using the existing experience and research partners, in a relatively short period of time, the application of 3D printing technology industry development potential, so in mechanical engineering, aerospace, shipbuilding and automobile market customers can benefit from this technology. Thyssen Krupp group chief executive officer Dr. Herich Helsingen said at the opening ceremony: "increasing material manufacturing (3D printing) is not only an important step of digital transformation, is the key part of our innovation strategy."

New market to stimulate innovation potential

In Thyssen Krupp steering system parts production workshop, there is a small and lean team is respectively to operate a metal printer and a plastic printer, the powder material processing. The two printers used selective laser melting or sintering technology to produce various components at different levels. As long as a CAD file containing the 3D design is available, the printing device can be seamlessly manufactured without having to make tools or moulds in a traditional way.

"We finally can no longer be the traditional manufacturing process constraints, fully concentrate to the design itself. This opens a whole new door to innovation." Dr. Reinhold Achatz, chief technology officer at Thyssen Krupp group, said.

Compared with the traditional process, 3D printing technology can make the structure more complicated, the robustness and lightness is better. Early in the first half of 2015, Thyssen Krupp set up a cross sector growth timber manufacturing project group, with members in parts design, material and process development and profound professional knowledge, the project team to achieve the 3D function to enhance the printing technology extraordinary, discusses its industrial application potential. Currently, the project team is applying for patents for products manufactured by 3D printing technology.

For example, 3D printing can be used in the production of a collection of gas samples in the furnace probe. In order to ensure thermal resistance, the probe requires the design of integrated cooling channels, and the flexibility and precision of the 3D printing technology provide the guarantee for the design and manufacture of such complex parts.

Another example from ship manufacturing, 3D printing technology to achieve a faster speed and lower cost to manufacture demand of small parts, thanks to a special design, in the manufacture of these parts when we even use plastic instead of metal.

Additive manufacturing, hand in hand

To achieve a breakthrough in product and technology to 3D printing center Thyssen Krupp, this must be from different business in the field of technology accumulation more closely, and actively concerned with industrial potential projects. Over the next 3 years, the technology center will be run by the group's central R & D department, which will then be incorporated into the material services sector.

Technical center in the opening ceremony, director of the Thyssen Krupp business material service member Hans-Josef Ho said: "we know what kind of material is most suitable for what kind of products, and has rich experience in logistics management and project management, can help the rapid development of technology center. Thanks to a wide range of customer base, we are well aware of which customers 3D printing can bring the greatest advantage."

Through this mode of production, can create a more fitting way for customers they need cooperation. Hans-Josef Ho added: "from the outset we invite customers to participate in the project, and quickly make the parts according to their unique needs, even less to a single order of 1 pieces will be nothing difficult."

Thyssen Krupp has strong technical background, can provide a full range of products and services to customers: from the suggestions to the selection, and then to the digital design, production as well as parts of the postprocessing, Everything is contained therein. And 3D printing for the group opened a new possibility.

As a speedboat ride

In addition to 3D technology center, Thyssen Krupp also operates a series of other innovation centers, including the center to promote the process simulation and control technology for big data solutions, and focus on the development of electric vehicle battery production technology center. The technology center of independent operators like a boat "boats", appeared in the new technology research and development.

3D printing technology will be put into commercial application in the near future: since 2010, the size of the market has doubled to two times, is expected to 2020, the global market will reach $21 billion. Of these, about $10 billion will be generated by Thyssen Krupp's target market. The future, increasing material manufacturing technology center will serve as a blueprint for the development and core services in a large key technology center network and Thyssen Krupp has developed a corresponding plan in full swing this promising technology.

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