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3 Reasons To Choose A Titanium Alloy Bike Frame
Jun 11, 2018

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Reason 1, compared with other metal materials

Titanium alloy bike frame not only weighs only 50% of steel, but also has a 28.4% higher strength to weight ratio than chromium-molybdenum steel. Titanium grade 9 bikeframe have a fatigue limit that is twice that of steel, and aluminum alloy frames cannot be compared with titanium bike frames in this respect even after they have been used for a long time. As a high-strength and low-density titanium alloy material applied to a bicycle frame, it not only allows the frame to be light and strong but also makes the frame more durable.

Aluminum alloy frame performance


Aluminum is a material with low elasticity and rigidity. Its specific gravity is light but not hard enough. It is alloyed and heat-treated for strength. Many aluminum alloy frames are made of 6061T6 material. The T6 mark indicates heat treatment and aging. Without heat treatment, the strength can only reach 1/2, or 1/5. A generally small-scale factory cannot afford heat treatment equipment. In addition, there are usually 7005 and 7075 aluminum alloy materials for the production of bicycle racks. The strength of the 7005 alloy is not comparable to the 7075 alloy.

Aluminum itself is a metal that is easily corroded. When riding a bicycle of this kind of material, the more the number of rides, the higher the number of stress occurrences and the more noticeable changes in strength. In recent years, in order to achieve lightness, many frames have been made using thin materials (the degree of thinness has reached the limit), and its service life will be greatly affected.


Chrome molybdenum steel frame performance


The bicycle frame made of chromium molybdenum steel is the material of the earliest bicycle frame. Its processing performance is good, welding is easy, and the price is relatively cheap. It is mainly used to produce low-grade bicycle frames. The outstanding disadvantages are that it is prone to rust and metal fatigue (metal fatigue due to stress concentration) affects the strength of the frame. When the fatigue of the metal reaches a certain level, the frame may undergo sudden destructive fracture. .


Reason 2, compared with carbon fiber materials


The carbon fiber frame is characterized by "light, non-bending, and good shock absorption." However, it is technically not easy to give full play to the excellent performance of carbon fiber, and the quality difference among carbon fiber material manufacturers is also large. Bicycle manufacturers are not likely to use high-grade carbon fiber to make the frame considering the cost.


Carbon fiber is a material that solidifies carbon fibers with resin. Very light, but it is a directional material (strong tensile strength but weak shear strength), so to solve the shortcomings of the method of overlapping layers of thin layers, processing requires complex stress calculations. Compared with titanium alloy materials, as an ideal material for the production of high-end bicycle racks, the current trend in the market has gradually become the mainstream of the production of high-end frame.


(1) If the external force of the carbon fiber frame acts at a certain angle with the fiber, its strength will be greatly reduced, and cracks will easily occur.


(2) There is a problem of aging of the resin added during the curing process of the carbon fiber frame, and the wind and sun will gradually affect the performance of the frame.


(3) The carbon fiber frame is one-piece after the mold is solidified. The cost of the mold is quite high, and the factory cannot satisfy the customer-tailored service.


(4) After the carbon fiber is formed into a frame, it cannot be repaired if it breaks.


Reason 3, the advantages of titanium alloys


(1) The ferry company's titanium alloy frame has a strength and weight ratio higher than the average steel frame and aluminum frame by more than 75%.


(2) The fatigue life of the titanium alloy frame of the shipping company is 5 times higher than that of the ordinary steel frame and aluminum frame, which means that it will accompany you for a long time.


(3) As for the design of each frame, we are trying to display the unique charm of the titanium alloy frame, focusing on the perfect combination of aesthetics, light weight and strength design.


(4) After you have been riding for a period of up to 5 hours, you will feel that the vibration and impact from the road will act more directly on your body through the frame when you use the frame of other materials. Then you will More like the feeling of the frame of titanium alloy after long-distance riding.


(5) Its superior corrosion resistance and long life.

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