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Three Applications Of Titanium Nano Materials In Ship Coatings
Dec 07, 2016

A, hull paint and antifouling paints

Nano silica is a kind of amorphous white powder, the surface state of the three-dimensional network structure. With a strong ultraviolet absorption, infrared reflection characteristics, can improve the anti-aging properties of the coating. Nano titanium dioxide also has the effect of absorption of UV, can improve the aging resistance of coatings. They can be used as the main additive development of super weatherability hull paint.

Marine antifouling coatings have been special research, the most difficulty is one of the most material performance in marine coatings, due to the increasing attention to the environmental protection requirements, the prohibition of the use of organotin antifouling agent has certain period of time, the development of new and efficient antifouling agent has become a national marine researchers target. The use of nano antifouling agents, such as nano cuprous oxide, nano Zinc Oxide may be an effective way, or using a micro capsule technology, using a water soluble resin nano antifouling agent powder coated particles, and then prepared in the paint, in practical applications, due to the action of water micro capsule gradually dissolve slowly and effectively release antifouling antifouling agent to achieve long-term stability.

Two, antibacterial coatings

Nano titanium dioxide, nano Zinc Oxide and other nano materials can be used as a non-toxic, wide antibacterial range, excellent thermal stability of the antimicrobial agent. Non metallic materials and coatings used in the interior of the ship's cabin are often in a humid and small space, especially in the subtropical and tropical marine environment. You can use the antibacterial effect of nano materials, new high efficient bacteria preparation chamber mold materials and coatings.

Three, ship fire retardant coating

The ship's fire protection ability is related to the ship's safety, especially the key factors that directly affect the combat and survivability of the ship. Some nanoparticles with flame retardant function, such as nano Zinc Oxide can be used as flame retardant is added to the ship cabin interior decoration material or compounded flame retardant coatings, improve the fire resistance of ship nonmetallic decorative materials and flame retardant coatings.

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