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The World To See China Pan, Sentiment Bo Titanium Pot Heritage Road Of Originality
Mar 13, 2017

In the thermal head country people are keen on going to Japan Amoy rice cooker faded when domestic cooker industry has set off a whirlwind of innovation, China's time-honored blog blog Ti brand in one fell swoop released high-end titanium composite cooking products, Ding Seder, source of three series, which not only opened up a new chapter of world cookware industry innovation, and marks the Chinese people to buy the pot already entered the "era of titanium".

Titanium () is a kind of rare and precious silver (chemical symbol Ti), atomic number 22, in the periodic table of chemical elements in the IVB. The characteristics of light weight, high strength, with metal luster, also have good corrosion resistance (including corrosion resistance to sea water, aqua regia and chlorine).

Because of the chemical properties of titanium and titanium alloy stable, good resistance to high temperature, low temperature resistance, resistance to acid, alkali resistance and other characteristics, has been widely used in many fields of society, known as the "space metal", "marine metal", "bio metal", "wisdom of metal".

Especially in the world of medicine, titanium is recognized as "bio metal". Because titanium has a good compatibility with the human body, it can resist the corrosion of human secretions and non-toxic, so it is widely used in the field of human implantation.

The density of 4.51g/cm titanium is only 57% fand, steel, titanium than aluminum and weighs less than two times, but the intensity is 3 times bigger than aluminum alloy; the tensile strength is up to 1764MPa, with very high strength steel; titanium alloy strength (strength / density ratio) is 3.5 times of stainless steel, 1.3 Aluminum Alloy times, 1.7 times of magnesium alloy, structural materials to the aerospace industry.

Moreover, titanium has excellent heat resistance and low temperature resistance. Usually aluminum at 150 degrees, 310 degrees in the stainless steel lost the original performance, and titanium alloy at around 500 degrees still maintain good mechanical properties; titanium high melting point of 1668 DEG C, 138 C higher than iron; still have good ductility and toughness at low temperature, suitable for ultra low temperature. Therefore, consumers do not have to worry about the use of titanium pot cooking pot life.

Not only that, chemical properties of titanium is lively, and a variety of metal forming alloys, titanium in steel made of titanium steel tough and elastic; titanium and titanium alloy with excellent properties, is widely used in many fields of aviation and navigation, oil exploitation, desalination, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, vacuum salt, papermaking textile building food, sports, medical and military, is an important national strategic materials.

And you are to make pots for titanium titanium, mainly due to its non-toxic, corrosion resistance and flavor characteristics.

Titanium is non-toxic elements recognized in the world, the United States authority - American Society for metals, metal "manual" pointed out: "in titanium and its compounds on human physiology are almost inert, titanium is only on the plant nerve and taste nerve has no effect on metal." Therefore, the use of titanium metal cooking pot is safe, non-toxic titanium is an important element of health.

Not only that, the titanium metal surface has a layer of solid oxide compound, chemically extremely stable, nitric acid could not be corrosion, even at high temperature for a long time to cook food or store food acidity does not occur, metal oxidation phenomenon.

It is particularly worth mentioning is that titanium pot can keep the food authentic, is the only Chinese medicine can be used to torment metal pot, so titanium pot also has "cooking flavor" and "delicious pot".

Of course, titanium is also a kind of thermal insulation material. The titanium pot cooking food, not only time will lengthen, taste and taste variation; and the whole surface of titanium pot is relatively soft, prone to scratches, easy to clean and beautiful. And the strength of titanium pot is not high, the pot body is thin and easy to deformation.

To this end, Bo Ti Institute in 2015 to overcome the worldwide technical problems of titanium surface hardening treatment, the creation of "titanium carbide ceramics" processing technology, won two China utility model patents, fourteen design patents, has formed its own core technology.

Based on this, Bo Ti in order to improve the quality of titanium pot has pioneered the use of composite materials, the manufacture of titanium pot. Among them, the inner pot Bo titanium composite contact with food is patent research microcrystalline titanium layer (pure titanium surface hardening technology), avoid pollution two food, eliminate like ordinary metal cookware will have harmful heavy metals (such as manganese, nickel, chromium) precipitation phenomenon, more protection of human health. The middle layer and the external layer composite heat, using advanced stainless steel and pure copper or high purity aluminum + stainless steel material, combined with the advantages of different materials, refine the pot body function, to achieve the best performance.

I made of titanium titanium composite pot and temperature characteristics, can be realized without lampblack operation, oil smoke caused by various diseases. After all, a single metal can not have these good features, different materials and different thickness of the material, so that the function of the pot more refined. And you with high-quality composite materials, with different material characteristics, to develop more in line with titanium pot Chinese cooking habits, to achieve the perfect combination of various performance.

Thus, Bo titanium pot the superb quality and craftsmanship of the heart of the road, not only can make the intention to create the best pot, and the launch of the three series of titanium pot, will by virtue of innovation and ingenuity, carefully leading the Chinese cookware upgrading, promote modern cooking quality and lifestyle promotion.

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