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The World's First All Electric Yacht Dasher Integrated With 3D Printing Titanium Parts
Sep 21, 2017

   The world's first all electric yacht Dasher integrated with 3D printing titanium parts

Recently, American yacht manufacturer Hinckley demonstrated the world's first "all electric luxury yacht"". The environmentally innovative yacht called Dasher also incorporates some specially designed metal 3D prints.


Dasher has many forward looking features, the most striking of which is that it is all electric. It is equipped with two 80mA motors and two BMW I3 lithium-ion batteries (less than 4 hours to be full of electricity), can achieve zero emissions and almost silent propulsion. It's impressive for a ship 28 feet long and 6 inches long.


In addition, Dasher also installed some 3D printed titanium parts to optimize its own function and style. According to Hinckley, they used 3D printing to create certain hardware and console details that could achieve the shape and accuracy levels typical of manufacturing technology could not achieve".

The hull of Dasher is made of a powerful, lightweight epoxy composite. Speed, it is said that the all electric yacht can reach 27 mph speed, but its normal sailing speed is 10 mph. After all, passengers are sailing for leisure, not speed.

Hinckley said they are now accepting the full electric luxury yacht booking, which is expected to be delivered next summer.

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