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The Titanium Alloy Was Ued To Do The Short Track Speed Slip Finger Button
Mar 02, 2018


  The titanium alloy finger buttons helped Chinese player WuDajing won the championship


 In short track speed skating finals of Pingchang winter Olympic games, Chinese player Wu Dajing won the championship in the 500 meters short track speed skating, and break the world record, won the first gold medal of Chinese delegation in Pingchang winter games.Except athletes'talents and levels, sports equipment is also an important factor and affecting the performance of the tournament.


  Chinese short track speed skating national team used the short track speed slip finger button ,it is the Chinese Huashu high technology that uses the patent of metal 3D printing solution,and customized for the athletes.


  On the sports field, a small short track speed finger button can help the athlete to reduce the friction of the ice while bending the the past competition, the athlete's short track speed skating finger, refers to the basic use resin buckle or gelatin. HuaShu high tech center adopts metal 3d printing solutions, according to the short track speed skating team player everyone's finger size, customized 9sets titanium alloy finger buckle.


   Compared with the traditional finger deduction, the 3D printing of titanium alloy refers to the weight loss of 40%, which is more light and beneficial to the performance level; The surface roughness is less than 2 microns and the friction resistance is lower. Tailor-made for each athlete, wear comfortable, fit fingertips.


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