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The Second China Chuxiong Green New Titanium Valley Forum Was Held In The Autonomous Prefecture Of Chuxiong
Jul 28, 2017

The morning of July 26th, adhering to the "innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing" concept of development, the continuation of the first forum since the results of cooperation last year, relying on enterprises within the state of Chuxiong has formed the basis of titanium industry chain, the second "China Chuxiong green new titanium Valley Forum" in Chuxiong Autonomous Prefecture held.

The forum sponsored by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the Yunnan Provincial Committee and the people's Government of Chuxiong Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Metallurgical Group, Limited by Share Ltd, Kunming Iron And Steel Holding Co Ltd, Yunnan titanium industry company, Yunnan Metallurgical new titanium industry contractors, yeelion Network Co. There are more than 300 representatives from both home and abroad. Miao Zhimin, deputy director of the raw material Department of the Ministry of industry and information committee deputy director Chen Yunsheng, Chuxiong governor Yang Bin, vice president, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association of Yunnan Metallurgical Group Limited by Share Ltd party secretary, chairman Tian Yong, Kunming iron and Steel Group Holdings Ltd. party secretary, chairman Zhao Yongping and other leaders attended the forum.

China is the world's industrial production processing of titanium from titanium titanium complete state, although Yunnan titanium industry development started late, but after 10 years of development, has become the only complete industrial chain with titanium provinces, with stronger titanium industry, obvious advantage to build titanium industry cluster.

At present, the Yunnan provincial government has "China green new titanium Valley core area tuguan area planning of Yunnan province" new materials industry cluster Ecological Demonstration Park ", and" as the core of the park development of new material industry in Yunnan Province in 13th Five-Year to create ".

Chuxiong state governor Yang Bin said in his speech; "the state of Chuxiong has been with the Kunming Iron and Steel Group signed a cooperation agreement, to speed up the construction of infrastructure and project funding, the startup project of titanium based new materials of construction, carry out high quality tube, offshore oil drilling with large size and high corrosion resistant titanium alloy tube production line model, 3D printing aerospace components with high quality titanium alloy spherical powder project development."

He put forward two suggestions, one is that the forum to seriously study in the new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution in the background, the development of titanium industry overall situation, development prospects and direction, but also indicate the direction for the development of Chuxiong titanium industry. Two, it is suggested that the forum actively promote the application technology and projects of titanium products, and promote the industrialization of research results.

Yunnan saves letter appoint deputy director Chen Yunsheng to point out: "Yunnan province titanium resource and clean energy are rich, the province has proved ilmenite 30, reserve 55 million 610 thousand tons, occupy countrywide second. Among them, Yunnan central region reserves of about 60% of the province, and large reserves, high grade. The province has second of China's water resources, and its installed capacity has reached 85 million kilowatts. The resources and clean energy provide the guarantee for the development of the titanium industry. Second, the integrity of the industrial chain. Adequate supply of titanium concentrate and high titanium slag, titanium sponge to high purification, low cost titanium, high-end titanium dioxide has been recognized, the province's titanium concentrate production enterprises 40 annual output of 250 thousand tons of high titanium slag, 20 enterprises production capacity of 10 tons. At present, the titanium industry development and utilization of the resources of the Yunnan Province, has formed the titanium mining to the production of high titanium slag, titanium chloride, titanium sponge titanium dioxide, a complete industrial chain. Gradually formed Lufeng tuguan - Qin Feng Wuding Fumin line Titanium Industrial Park, gathered more than 60 enterprises smelting titanium industry, "China green new titanium Valley" is taking shape."

At the seminar, the chairman of the Yunnan Smelter Group, Tian Yong, said: "since Yunnan held the" green new titanium Valley "in China, it has gained wide acceptance from all walks of life and has had a positive impact. Especially Yunnan Metallurgical new titanium industry since the first forum since the implementation of internal assistance, technology constantly rationalize and consolidate has formed an annual output of 80 thousand tons, 60 thousand tons of high titanium slag by chlorination process titanium dioxide and 10 thousand tons of titanium sponge project, and actively carry out foreign top international titanium dioxide enterprise in-depth visits and technical exchanges, cooperation and development the high-end products of domestic titanium dioxide for papermaking, launched a part of the funds in overseas market, won the "2016 annual China titanium industry star enterprise" title, "brand new Ling chlorination process titanium dioxide" won the title of Yunnan famous brand product."

In 2016, Kunming Iron and Steel Group Chairman Zhao Yongping speech, Kunming Iron and Steel Company of Yunnan province and the country further into the new material industry development plan, through the integration of resources, enhance the comprehensive strength of the new materials industry, the establishment of the Yunnan Chu Fengxin Material Group Co Ltd. The company's Yunnan titanium industry Limited by Share Ltd as early as 2008 has independent innovation mastered the core technology of rolling roll titanium strip coil with iron and steel rolling equipment, the successful development of the first volume of production Chinese cold-rolled titanium coil, advanced low cost production mode to create a "China steel titanium" combined with the production of titanium strip coil the current mode, not only has been applied to titanium and titanium alloy wire, rod, profile production, is to expand the use of nickel, zirconium and other rare metals and alloy production. As Chinese has a complete cold and hot rolling process of titanium plate strip production line of business, and the introduction of foreign cloud titanium by independent research and development of the combination of titanium alloy and rare metal ingot production capacity of 14 thousand tons / year production capacity of titanium alloy and rare metal materials up to 20 thousand tons / year. The future, Kunming Iron and steel company will further implement the new material industry development plan of Yunnan Province, to create new materials in Yunnan Province Ecological Cluster demonstration garden and China Chuxiong green new titanium Valley as an opportunity to play "steel titanium" combination of equipment and technology to accelerate the expansion of technological upgrading and follow-up industry, improve the downstream industry chain layout titanium, subsequent use of industrial cluster cultivation.

The forum also conducted 7 project signing ceremony, in which the Yunnan titanium Limited by Share Ltd and the Ukraine Academy of Sciences signed a joint work station and cooperation agreement on academicians. Further accelerate the pace of international cooperation.

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