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The Reasons And Characteristics Of Titanium Anodes Favored By The Market
Feb 20, 2017

Titanium anode called titanium based metal oxide coated titanium anode, also known as the DSA anode (size shape stable anode). It uses titanium as the substrate, and the precious metal coating is coated on the titanium plate. Titanium anode, titanium coated anode plate is composed of ruthenium, iridium, tantalum, and other precious metal salt coating on titanium substrate by high temperature sintering, are widely used in electroplating (deep hole PCB industry high copper electroplating, plating), electrolytic synthesis, wet metallurgy, Al foil, cathodic protection, sewage treatment, health disinfection, regeneration and recovery of copper etching liquid, preparation and application of titanium anode has been quite mature.

Titanium anode as the anode of Ti based metal oxide coating, want than in the general electrode materials have good catalytic properties, a change from small, strong corrosion resistance, mechanical strength and good processability, popular in many fields. And explore its so hot market, but also benefit from the following reasons:

A titanium anode has long service life, the production of chlor alkali industry in the corrosion of metal anode diaphragm process, chlorine and alkali. According to, compared to the graphite anode is only 8 months of use time, titanium anode life has reached more than 6 years. The utility model can overcome the problem of the dissolution of the graphite anode and the lead anode, avoid the pollution of the electrolyte and the cathode product, and can improve the purity of the metal product. Due to the adoption of a metal anode, the operation of the high temperature and high current density of the chlorate electrolyzer is possible. The adoption of the metal anode can improve the structure of the electrolytic tank, reduce the electric energy consumption, and accelerate the chemical reaction of hypochlorite in the hypochlorite, thereby improving the production performance.

Two, greatly increasing the current density of diaphragm chlor alkali production process, the current density of graphite anode for 8A/dm2 titanium anode can be increased several times, such as 17A/dm2, in the electrolysis workshop, electrolytic tank under the same conditions, the yield can be increased by 1 times, improve the production capacity of the single slot, effectively improve the labor productivity. A force on the titanium industry staff said, in the high current density electrolysis, the use of titanium anode is more appropriate. In addition, the size of the titanium anode is stable, and the distance between the electrodes is not changed during the electrolysis process.

Three, low working voltage, so the power consumption is small, can save energy consumption, electricity consumption can be reduced by 10% ~ 20%. The main reasons for the low working voltage of the titanium anode are: 1) the overpotential of the active coating titanium anode to chlorine and oxygen is relatively low. The production of chlor alkali brine electrolysis, titanium anode to chlorine overpotential is low, when the 1A/cm2 140mV lower than the graphite anode; 2) can reduce the "bubble shielding effect", the surface of the anode metal bubble generation is small, and out quickly, so that the electrodes between the degree of inflation is lower, the polarization between the ohmic drop is about 700mV. The bubble diameter is about 3mm; 3) reduces the resistance of the anode structure; 4) to shorten the distance between the electrodes.

Four, the use of DSA, mercury and diaphragm salt bath design concept and operating conditions can be improved, energy consumption can be reduced. The low overpotential characteristic of DSA, the surface of electrode and the bubble of electrode are easy to be excluded. It is reported that in 1960s, the world's salt electrolysis industry annual electricity consumption of about 150 billion degrees, the use of metal anodes, the annual energy savings of about 300 million degrees. At the same time, titanium anode light weight, can reduce labor intensity.

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