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The Production Of Titanium Plate, Titanium NSSC Toho Using New Rolling Method
Mar 17, 2017

The development of new low cost technology NSSC and Toho company is jointly promote the titanium plate. That is, the titanium sponge produced by the titanium ore is directly rolled into a titanium sheet, and the smelting and forging process is omitted. Although the technology is still in the experimental stage, if the future will be popularized, the manufacturing cost of pure titanium sheet will be reduced by 2~3.

Titanium plate is usually made of melted titanium sponge and forged titanium ingot, and then used to produce steel rolling mill. The new process is made of titanium sponge and vacuum sealed, and then the semi-finished product is heated to 1000 DEG C for rolling. The hot rolled sheet with a thickness of 2M and 5.5mm is successfully prepared. It is said that the tensile strength of the product is the same as that of the traditional process. The technology is expected to achieve a number of tons of production capacity in the future, and help promote the application of titanium.

Pure titanium sheet is usually used in plate heat exchanger, power plant and so on. In the future the company will continue to expand the scale of the trial, for the early realization of practical applications.

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