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The Operation Of Titanium Is Basically Stable And The Price Of Vanadium Continues To Rise
Nov 13, 2017

The operation of titanium is basically stable and the price of vanadium continues to rise

Panzhihua titanium concentrate turnover in general, price weakening operation; Lomon announced that future billions of 4 months to cut 3.5-3.9 million tons of titanium dioxide film; vanadium vanadium companies sell, prices rose steadily. This Friday, Panzhihua titanium concentrate of Panzhihua vanadium titanium trading center exchange December delivery day listing transaction weighted average price (price) 1778 yuan / ton (including tax), December delivery of TA1 pure titanium ingot (commodity code: "titanium ingot 1712") on the day of the listing transaction weighted average price (price) 725 yuan per 10 kilograms.

Vanadium and titanium products review and spot market next week the market factors:


The titanium dioxide industry due to enter the off-season, the market situation is not clear, the majority of enterprises purchasing titanium concentrates are more cautious, reported this week in Anhui, several companies in the inquiry to Panzhihua titanium concentrate enterprises, but the actual turnover is not ideal. Panzhihua titanium ore, titanium ore enterprises part by the recent increase in inquiries and optimistic about the effect of titanium concentrate Market of titanium concentrate, titanium ore offer strong, but according to the part of titanium concentrate processing enterprise feedback information, the actual transaction orders is not much titanium ore. As of Friday, 46% in Panzhihua titanium concentrate factory does not tax the mainstream price 1400-1500 yuan / ton, rumored to have a few enterprises price of less than 1400 yuan / ton; 47% titanium concentrate factory does not tax price 1400 - 1500 yuan / ton, last week fell by about 50 yuan / ton. Imported ore: India ore price at $250 / ton; Mozambique ore CFR price of $260 / ton.

Effect next week Panzhihua titanium concentrate market factors: a stable production situation of Panzhihua titanium enterprises, adequate supply of titanium concentrate. The two is the recent titanium dioxide market is relatively weak, directly affect the amount of demand of titanium concentrate and titanium dioxide enterprises purchasing titanium concentrate has become very cautious, dare to a large number of stock. Three, according to industry sources, the recent Panzhihua titanium concentrate production enterprises (including some of the larger enterprises) began to take the initiative to contact the titanium dioxide industry, sales of titanium concentrate. The four is longmang billions announced in the next four months of titanium dioxide production of forty thousand tons of 3.5-3.9, according to the company announcement shows limited production and production planning estimates, the next 4 months, the company will reduce titanium ore demand of about 8.75-9.75 million tons, of which -12 in November 2017 will reduce the titanium concentrate demand of about 6.25-6.75 million tons. Five Panzhihua is the container remained tense, Panzhihua titanium concentrate export, may be due to the lack of container loading and not on time.

Titanium slag

This week, the market mainstream price of titanium slag is basically stable, prices fell slightly. As of Friday, high titanium slag (TiO2 = 90%) mainstream tax offer 6400-6800 yuan / ton, according to industry sources, the mainstream price in 6500 yuan / ton, almost no turnover of 6800 yuan / ton; acid residue mainstream tax offer 4500 yuan / ton, the actual transaction price at 4300 yuan / tons.

Next week the market of titanium slag some influencing factors: one is the Panzhihua area of a large-scale titanium slag enterprises to implement preferential policies for ordering acid residue under each 1000 tons price 50 yuan / ton, the maximum discount of 200 yuan / ton, the lowest price after the implementation of 4300 yuan / ton. Two is due to the higher prices of graphite electrode, titanium slag production enterprises have graphite electrode technology to the process of self baking electrode, electrode paste according to the current understanding of the price of 3800 yuan / ton, the process of self baking electrode, electrode paste acid slag cost about 170 yuan / ton, the cost of electrode paste of high titanium slag is about 200 yuan / ton, greatly reduce the cost of titanium slag. Three is the four high titanium titanium chloride Market downstream of the weak acid residue downstream titanium dioxide market is not optimistic. Four is the next week the price rises could hardly titanium concentrate.

Titanium dioxide

This week, titanium dioxide market transactions and optimistic, even some enterprises said no titanium dioxide buyers inquiry, also recently, market rumors of a large titanium dioxide production enterprises began to "order preferential policies" in the form of titanium dioxide, its price cut. November 9th longmang announced billions in the next four months to cut 3.5-3.9 million tons of titanium dioxide, some industry insiders believe that the current season in the titanium dioxide industry, it has positive significance to stabilize the price of titanium dioxide. This week the mainstream price of titanium dioxide and basically the same as last week, as of Friday, sulfuric acid method of rutile type titanium dioxide tax mainstream price 16600-18500 yuan / ton; anatase titanium dioxide tax mainstream price 14000-15500 yuan / ton.

Under the influence of some factors of titanium dioxide market week: one is currently Panzhihua titanium concentrate market vulnerable to run, prices fall steadily, insiders predict titanium concentrate prices there may continue to fall. Two is the sulfur prices rose sharply recently, resulting in the sulfuric acid price rose from 300 yuan per ton to 500 yuan, from titanium dioxide production cost structure, the recent price increases caused increase in the cost of the amount of sulfuric acid, has more than the recent decline caused by the decline in the cost of titanium concentrate amount. The three is the titanium dioxide industry has entered the off-season, it is understood that titanium dioxide market turnover was light, the downstream enterprise procurement is very cautious. The four is to limit production and maintenance shutdown announcement longmang billions in November 9th said the next four months will be reduced by 3.5-3.9 million tons of titanium dioxide production, which reduced 2.5-2.7 million tons in November 2017 -12 month.

Sponge titanium, titanium

This week, the market is still weak downstream demand for titanium sponge titanium, price fell. As of Friday, 0 grade titanium sponge mainstream tax offer 5.8-6.0 yuan / ton, TA1 titanium ingot (ingot) tax price 6.3-6.5 yuan / ton, TA1 titanium ingot (EB slab) tax offer 71 thousand yuan / ton. The main raw materials of titanium sponge: magnesium ingot mainstream newspaper

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